Getting South of San Pedro Town – Changes and Shopping

Today we have family arriving from the states and my usual shopping list was modified to include “nice things for visitors” – wine from Wine De Vine, smoked fish from the Farmers’ Market and Ian Anderson.

So I set off early on a beautiful Saturday morning.  (This was my view down the easement by the house later that afternoon…)Glowing Sea N Ambergris Caye Belize

I had a few stops south of town – near my old stomping grounds – and decided to walk a bit on the beach.  But first, I stopped for some sustenance.

The new French Bakery just across the street from the exit to Tropic Air is the best worst thing that has ever happened in San Pedro – or the worst best thing.  It is so ridiculously good – REAL croissants and baguettes – but man…the last thing I need is a buttery buttery 1/2 lb of buttery snack.

But this was breakfast!  The most important meal of the day.  A hefty slice of the apple tart.  $6bzd.  Zut alors.  Delicious.

Apple Tart French Bakery San Pedro Belize

I headed south and was early for my next stop…so I parked across the street from The Villas at Banyan Bay to walk a bit on the beach.

I headed north.  The beach at Banyan Bay.  And a new bocce ball court.

The Beach at Banyan Bay San Pedro Belize

And the view as I passed Pier 366 Seafood House.

Bar and Restaurant Pier 366 Banyan Bay Belize

Here is a map of San Pedro – it’s a few years old.  But if you don’t know this area very well, it is helpful.  Head down to the location of the golf cart company…I’m starting just south of there (and heading north).

There is a good sized empty lot (owned by Banyan Bay) and then a small condo building with a new tower behind it.  There is also a bunch of advertising.

For Sale, Casa el Fuerte, San Pedro Belize

But looking at the website Casa el Fuerte or Strong House – is the home for sale behind this sea front condo building.  Looks like it was reduced from $439K to $399K US.

Just north a new building is going up.

There is then an empty lot and Xanadu Resort.  Since I’d last taken this walk…at least 6 months…a sea wall has gone up and the beach has tripled…or more in size.

Wowzer!  Great for Xanadu but it’s tough for surrounding properties.  It’s either building out to meet this new beach line or be a trap for incoming seaweed and flotsam.

Flotsam and jetsam is the euphemism for sea trash.

Beautiful Xanadu.

Beautiful Xanadu Resort, San Pedro, Belize

On the north edge of Xanadu is a fence.

Fence between Xanadu and Caribbean Villas San Pedro Belize

There was a large empty lot for sale – beachfront – that is now under construction.  I hear a VERY upscale, small room # resort is coming.  But that is just word on the street.

And next up, Caribbean Villas Hotel – with chairs side by side by side by side.

I was back to get the golf cart.  I looped around on the street and continued south to the Market at Mahogany Bay Village.  I had smoked fish to buy.

I hear Mahogany Bay is finally set to open at the end of April!

Smoked barracuda, flaked, added to cream cheese with some green onion and maybe a bit of Marie Sharps?  Oh goodness.  Heaven.

But first some heaven for my Elsie dog.  Homemade biscuits in flavors like bacon cheddar and liver.  And 5 bags for $20bzd?  Not bad at ALL.

What!  The French bakery was there too!  I had to get a quick baguette sandwich.  $9bzd…and so so so delicious.  Goodness…this place is everywhere!  And deadly!

Croque Monsieur!  Chocolat Croissant!  Sacre bleu!

French Baked Goods, San Pedro Belize

I admired some of the new plantings…

and chatted with my lovely friend and fellow farmer Markus who runs the aquaponic greenhouse and grows delicious greens.

Happy Sunday y’all.  It’s another beauty on Ambergris Caye.

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