3 NFL Players and 2 Superbowl Rings Visit San Pedro High School With a Great Message

Yesterday evening, my friend Josie, who works with Mahogany Bay Village sent me a note.  Three professional NFL football players were in town and they would be giving a talk to San Pedro High School students from 10:20 to 11am.

Though I know next to nothing about professional football, I love to hear and see inspiration for kids – especially those getting ready to step out into the big wide world.  So I was there right on time.

And I watched the over 600 kids at San Pedro High School organize themselves in the bleachers of the auditorium.

I also received some brief bios for the visitors.  Ray Crockett, a player in the NFL for 14 years and 2 time Superbowl champion with the Denver Broncos, his nephew and player, Henry James Melton and NFL player Terry McClain.

The high school principal first introduced the school to the players.  He spoke the achievements of the current students and the historic number of sports teams that are #1 in the country.  The San Pedro Girls’ Soccer team is #1.  The San Pedro Boys’ Volley Ball team is #1.  The San Pedro Girls’ Basketball team is #1.  And the school is hoping to make it FOUR.  Our softball team has been #1 in Belize for the last three years.

The Mayor of San Pedro spoke next and then Tito Alamilla, the town council member in charge of sports and recreation.  Everyone kept it relatively brief…

Mr Ray Crockett gave a talk to the kids and captured everyones attention for about 20 minutes.  His message was simple but powerful.

Personal greatness, success, does not happen overnight and it doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes DETERMINATION, DISCIPLINE and DRIVE.

It all boils down to work.  Ray, when he was a freshman in High School, went out for the football team.  He was an athletic guy…he’d played soccer for years but he was 5 foot 2.  A shorty.

The coach handed out jerseys to everyone but him.  To add insult to injury, the coach called him a “little shit”.

Did that mean he quit?  Blamed it all on the coach and walked away?

You guessed right.  No.  He worked as the ball boy.  And then he made the team.

Failure is the chance to start over more intelligently.  WORK hard.  Have respect for yourself and others and dream big.


I’m a believer.

Dream big ladies!

San Pedro 2016-2017 Belize Champions Girls Basketball

SO FUN to see an event like this.  The high schoolers were super excited.  The champion teams posed for pictures and then hundreds lined up for autographs.

Three guys who worked HARD and failed…probably often to get where they are today.

Thanks so much Ray, Terry and Henry for visiting.  The kids loved it and so did this 43 year old woman who knows nothing about the NFL.


I guess not that strange since I also won a spot to pose with the FIFA World Cup here.

You’d better Belize it.


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  • mysteryboy

    hopefully you did not keep the SB ring, ala Putin!

    • I have great respect for Putin, huge respect, big league. And I really really wanted one of those rings…but I figured they couldn’t do that sort of resizing here in Belize 🙁

    • Plus, I wasn’t the one with the two GIANT friends.

  • Laura Balis

    Love it!!! Our Mahogany Bay photographer said that he witnessed one or two of the faculty get choked up at the message Ray delivered about perseverance in the face of opposition. So happy to see the kids appreciate the players’ guest appearance, even if football is a sport only popular in the US (not to be confused with fútbol!)

    • Football is HUGE in Mexico. Though I’m not sure if they just watch or actually play 🙂 And that person who got choked up? That was probably me.