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Eating Placencia, Belize and My Stay at the Newest Boutique Hotel

My last post described how I traveled from San Pedro to Placencia, Belize.  100 miles as the crow flies but by bus and boat – the budget route – it can be an all day affair.

Friends Restaurant, Breakfast in Placencia, Belize

Placencia, like San Pedro, is a beach town that started as a very small fishing village.  But Placencia Village is growing more slowly than Ambergris Caye and maintains that small village feel.  At the tip of the peninsula, prices are a bit cheaper, rents and land values — though do not read CHEAP!  Placencia is probably the second most expensive town in the country.

I wouldn’t live anywhere else but Ambergris Caye but man…I would love to have a vacation home in Placencia.  If only just to eat…

The sidewalk on a cloudy day, Placencia Belize

…well…and to stroll the famous sidewalk.

Mangoes are coming!

Here is a bit of my last 4 night trip to my favorite village and a few of the things I ate there.

Tutti Frutti

This gelato shop on the street in Placencia is everyone’s favorite – if you have been to the village, you are hooked.  SO DELICIOUS.  And they do lots of classic gelato flavors and then delicious local fruit flavors.

Once you have a double scoop for only $5bzd, you’ll find yourself needing dessert after every single meal.  And maybe an afternoon snack.

Not a great picture but you see what I’m saying.

Next to Tutti Frutti is a new pizza spot with a serious set up and pizza by the slice.  It’s on my list for next time.

Wendy’s Creole

I love Wendy’s for the wide front porch, the friendly service and one of the best desserts I’ve EVER eaten – the coconut flan.Stuffed Fry Jack Placencia Belize

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to squeeze it in after a breakfast FEAST on a plate – the stuffed fry jack.  Stuffed with egg, beans and bacon…

Good grief this thing is delicious.  But it might have you craving a nap rather than a swim in the ocean.

Rick’s Cafe

Located on the sidewalk, I heard great things about Rick’s pizza and salad but I tried neither.  I went instead for a wrap…and the Caesar Salad Chicken Wrap was big, fresh and delicious.  A salad next time…

The view from the porch is lovely.  Perfect lunch spot.

Brewed Awakenings

There are two pretty great coffee shops in Placencia – Above Grounds and this super cute, friendly spot, Brewed Awakenings.

All they need is a “Thanks A Latte” or an “Espresso Yourself”. (Sadly I did not think of those myself)

Great coffee and all sorts of fun flavors of a southern Belize classic.  The seaweed shake.

Sounds odd but MAN is it delicious.  They have also made some crazy cute tables and chairs out of pallets.  Art.

Maya Beach Bistro

If you don’t eat here on a trip to Southern Belize, you are nuts.  It is my favorite restaurant in the country – and I’m not alone.

I circled round to some favorites on this visit – you can see in the post list below that I’ve been many times – and went with brunch (Duck Hash with sweet potato, apple and spicy duck sausage with egg and their delicious homemade baguette toast) and PEANUT BRITTLE ICE CREAM PIE.

The bottom is like a thick peanut butter cookies…homemade buttery buttery oh so buttery peanut brittle…SO OVER-THE-TOP GOOD.

This is my only second favorite dessert at the bistro.  (1st is the Banana Coconut Cream Pie.)

They have lovely rooms also and a gorgeous beach (here is the restaurant view) – staying for a night or five just to eat makes TOTAL sense to me.

Now next door to one of the classic eateries on the peninsula, De Tatch…

is a brand BRAND new boutique hotel where I sadly spent just one night.

A spot that wasn’t officially open until TODAY.  The Ellysian.  The website JUST went up.

Come on in.

The owner decided that she was hosting so many friends over in their wooden beach house – and was enjoying it so much – that it made perfect sense to build a hotel.

Clean, modern and GORGEOUS sheets, pillows and bed – in charming Placencia village.  After my afternoon exploring, man it felt great  to enjoy this huge shower, sparkling white bathroom and cool, crispy bed.

There’s also a beautiful pool.

And this is just the beginning of my very long weekend in Placencia.  Next I was off to another fantastic new spot.  One that I have SOOO many pictures of…I need to figure out how to fit them in one post.

Please let me know where you love to stay and eat in Placencia – I want to see and taste it all.  Trip planning already in action.




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5 thoughts on “Eating Placencia, Belize and My Stay at the Newest Boutique Hotel

  1. marysaunders

    I was there some years ago, a totally different time in my life, and I stayed with a friend who wanted to stay at Turtle Inn, which is very expensive, but such a great place. I was able to buy one of Rosita Arvigo’s books in the store there, and some great bug stuff. I had a great tour with Francisco to Miss Emma’s from there, and Francisco knew where the cashew trees are along the way and had a well worn guide to plants and animals–a total geek like me. It was really fun, and the food and drink were delicious. Also, the pool guy knew everything about the trees and flora and fauna, and he kept the wonderful, round pool immaculate. There is also a triangle pool, but I preferred the round one. The guys who run this inn know how to find the best employees, and that is really saying something in Placencia, because everybody who works in the town seems great. I had a fabulous time there, so therapeutic at a very trying time in my life.

  2. Gil Rotstein

    Thanks so much for your posting. We have a home now in Placencia and LOVE it there. We also loved staying at the Mariposa Inn, a small boutique place right North of the airport. Bruce and Sharon, the owners and hosts are lovely. They take great care of their guests. They also have a great restaurant. We agree Maya Beach Bistro is awesome, and we also love to eat at the Bonefish at the Singing Sands. It is a lovely property. Keep posting !!!

  3. Linda Young

    STOP IT! You’re killing me!!! Can’t wait to EAT MY WAY through Placencia, too!! Great blog and pix!!

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