My Raffle Winner, A San Pedro Firefighter, JUMPS for Free with Skydive San Pedro

Last month everyone had a chance to win a FREE TANDEM SKYDIVE with Sky Dive San Pedro on SanPedroScoop.  A chance for for the ultimate view of Ambergris Caye, the ultimate “GUESS WHAT I DID ON MY VACATION TO BELIZE” experience.   It was my very first raffle and my random raffle generator picked my winner.

He or she had to be over 18, they had to weigh less than 250lbs, AND, my rule, it had to be his or her first time doing it.

Rafflecopter chose…EMMERSON!  A member of the San Pedro Fire Department.  How cool is that?  So I emailed Emmerson and he was excited – and mostly in a state disbelief  – that he won. I stopped by the meet him later at the fire department – and while it wasn’t his shift, all o fthe other fire men were jockeying to take his spot.

With the help of the awesome team at SkyDive San Pedro, Emmerson was given a time slot the following Tuesday.

OF COURSE I wanted to tag along.  It is as close as I was ever going to get to jumping…I think…and so I wanted to glean as much as I possibly could.

Everyone always says it is awesome!  Let me tell you the REAL story.

Last Tuesday was a gorgeous morning and I met Emmerson for the first time in person at the SkyDive San Pedro dock – just outside of Sandbar Bar, Restaurant and Hostel with the mostest.

Both divers were there – Emmerson from the San Pedro Fire Department and Miyuki from Canada.  Neither had done this before and both were admittedly a bit nervous.

That made me feel better – at least these two aren’t crazy!

There wasn’t too much discussion – both were ready to go.  They were taken by golf cart to the air strip and the small hangar that the company has – I boarded a boat to make my way to the landing area.

We headed under the bridge and back up through the lagoons – an area that I had never been to.  Just about 10 mins (TOPS!) from town – we felt quite far removed from the hustle and bustle of town.  We could see Grand Caribe in the distance but there was absolutely nothing out here but land and water.

That’s a good thing in my book.  Wide open spaces to land when I jump from the sky.

As we made our way over, we stopped to watch the small plane circling higher.  It was making ME nervous!  Me…on the ground.

We waited just a few minutes and apparently they jumped.  I couldn’t see a thing but my boat captain assured me that he could…and that they were coming!

And then it all happened quite suddenly – here they come!  One after another.   Emmerson was instructed to put his legs up and relax (HA! – every one of my muscles was clenched up like a bear trap) and they were on the ground.   He wasn’t really moving at first – just a HUGE grin on his face.

I was a bit scared to approach.  I certainly DON’T want to get in the way of the process.

But everything was so easy peasy!  Emmerson was giddy.  How was it?  I shouted.  INCREDIBLE! He yelled back, I want to be a part of this team!

Skydive in San Pedro, Belize

My new friend Emmerson was ready to quit the fire department to become an apprentice with the sky divers.

Miyuki came down next.  She enjoyed sitting on the ground for a few seconds before rising.

Emmerson and Miyuki were giddy…REALLY GIDDY…and apparently ready to go again.  The professionals were acting like this was NO BIG DEAL!

I wanted to stand there and all have a big HOLY SHIT CAN YOU BELIEVE WE JUST DID THAT powwow.  Lots of hugging and holding hearts and recounting each and every second.  My newbies were now pros…

The pros were so confident and competent, fun but matter-of-fact, that you almost got the sense that this was no big deal.

I started in on the questions?  Were you freaking out?

Both admitted that it was a bit scary when you were out of the plane – strapped to the professional – waiting to jump.  A BIT SCARY?

Did you feel that awful feeling like your stomach was going to rise up and come out of your mouth?  Like maybe you were going to vomit on your instructor?

Nope.  Not at all.  It felt like floating.

Would you do it again?

GOOD GRIEF!  In a heart beat.

We all loaded in the boat and headed back to the airstrip.  I was still freaking out.  ME!  Everyone else was just smiling.

I almost…ALMOST…felt like I wanted to do it.  Seriously.  I know I didn’t jump but man…this felt incredibly safe and professional and almost easy.  PLUS, it was clear, very clear at this point, I was the inferior – the least cool one in the boat.


And while it isn’t super cheap – $219US to JUMP FROM A PLANE OVER AMBERGRIS CAYE?  I don’t know.  For that badge of bravery, one that you can tell your future grandchildren about?  One that will make you, grandpaps, seem unbelievable brave & awesome?  I think that’s worth it.

Now…let me show you the photos that SkyDive San Pedro took.  For $79US, you get a video including an interview before you get on the plane and lots and lots of incredible photos…

The money shots – the REAL story.  Here is Emmerson jumping with SkyDive San Pedro.

Sky Dive San Pedro, Belize

Sky DIve San Pedro View of Ambergris Caye

I THINK he is saying oh HELL NO.

Now that’s freakin’ awesome. 🙂

Stay tuned for my next raffle and a HUGE Thank You to SkyDive San Pedro.  Honestly.  Safe, professional, knowledgeable, confident and calming, this whole team is absolutely amazing.

I would jump out of a plane at 12,000 feet with no one else in Belize.

Are you ready to have the ultimate adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the world?

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Belize is the land of sea, jungle and ADVENTURE. Have the ultimate experience with the pictures & video to prove it with SkyDive San Pedro on Ambergris Caye, Belize.


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