What to Expect from Easter on Ambergris Caye, Belize: 2017

Sunday, April 9th is Palm Sunday.  The beginning of the holiest week – leading up to the holiest day – in the Christian calendar.  It’s a huge celebration around the world.


Religion aside, it’s also a vacation week for lots of the world’s kids.  And a long weekend for many.  Belize, in the British tradition, makes it a REALLY long respite from work.  Thursday is often a half day, Good Friday, a national holiday…as is Holy Saturday and Easter Monday.

(For a REALLY interesting celebration of Good Friday and Easter Weekend, check out the religious ceremonies in Benque, Western Belize)

The weekend of rest is hammered home by the Labour Department of Belize.  Employees must be paid 1.5x pay on Saturday and 2x pay on Friday and Sunday.  A handful of places just close for the weekend.

Good Friday is also the only day of the year when no alcohol can be served or sold.  None.

This weekend is sacred.  But since there are so many vacation days strung together it is also (and more importantly to many) a HUGE PARTY WEEKEND!!!!

The solemn processions of Palm Sunday and Good Friday…


…are contrasted with people all over Belize and Central America packing the planes, water taxis and roads and FLOCKING to the beach for the HUGE parties over Easter Weekend.


Lower priced hotel rooms that sleep 2 now sleep 15 and it seems like the entire country heads to the beach.  Placencia, Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are all full.

Every golf cart in town will be rented out and you can expect some serious traffic along with some serious police check points this weekend.  If you do not enjoy crowds or loud music or just people watching, I’d steer clear of town.


This is last year’s liquor notice – it should be the same this year.

Belize Easter Laws - Alcohol

MANY businesses are closed on Good Friday – so you can expect town to be very quiet.

And then…the party:



In Central Park with the always fun DJ Debbie

And more…

Looks like JAGUAR’s is the place to be.

Holiday Hotel where “MONEY WILL RAIN”.  Tee hee.  Awesome.  These guys are always PACKED in the daytime.

I’ll add more as I see them…

Have a great Easter week, be safe and remember…don’t party TOO hard.

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  • don’t forget people…when you party…. party HARD.

  • nice ”scoop” rock

  • Linda Young

    Love that pix of the Hermit crab. Any egg hunts for the Kidlets???