New Direct Flight To Belize Adds New Route & Higher Level of Service

Belize attracts its share of celebrity visitors. From Olympian & Dancing with the Stars’ Simone Biles to Bill Gates and Chelsea Handler.   Even the family of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, are becoming more and more enamored with our country.

In December of 2015, Trump first daughter and aide, wowed her 3+ million Instagram followers sharing some of her favorite moments baby-mooning at exclusive Cayo Espanto just off Ambergris Caye.

 Just a few weeks ago, international media such as Cosmopolitan Magazine and US Weekly were abuzz following Trump’s youngest daughter Tiffany, as she celebrated graduation from college by travelling Belize.

Tiffany Trump via Instagram

Will Belize be a regular stomping ground for the first family?  The International Mar-a-Lago perhaps?

It appears the answer is YES! And while it might be a while before AirForce One proper ever graces the runway at Philip Goldson International… it SOON will be even easier for the Trump kids (and regular ‘Merican folk) to fly to Belize.

But let’s back up a little bit… In his first three months in office, the POTUS has displayed great conscience in separating Trump business interests and political policy decisions. This extends to personal travel as well as Trump very publicly announced.

“My kids will fly commercial, if they want to fly private they’ll have to pay for it.”

Flying “regular” commercial for celebs has its pitfalls, as Ivanka herself experienced on a JetBlue flight from NY to FL in Dec… Ivanka and her family had to be escorted off the flight when an unruly passenger began harassing them.

One has to think:  If only there was a more private…more discerning public commercial airline?  Well now there is.

Trump Air IS BACK!

For those of you not from the east coast of the US – I’m from NJ and this news was BIG! – Trump Shuttle, operating as Trump Air, flew from 1989 to 1992 as part of Eastern Air Lines.  TA ran flights from Boston to Washington DC and NYC to Orlando. Their aircraft featured luxurious maple wood veneer, chrome seat belt latches and gold colored lavatory fixtures.

After its demise, there were many who thought the Trump name would never grace the skies again.

But during Trump’s presidential campaign, his plane carried a message of hope…of renewed greatness to enthusiastic crowds gathered a airport hangar pep rallies around the United States.

Now that the POTUS is required to fly in AirForce One, the campaign plane has been refitted for commercial use, and will join a Trump Air fleet of a half a dozen additional aircraft reacquired from American Airlines Shuttle, who acquired the planes in their merger with US Airways Shuttle, who acquired the planes from Citigroup after Trump Air defaulted on $380 million in loans.

Flying under the motto “A Great American Airline for Great Americans” (hats already available on his website), Trump Air will offer flights to pre-screened, thoroughly vetted, United States passport holding Judeo-Christian individuals starting this summer.

The best part? Trump Air recently filed an application with the US Department of Transportation to provide weekly non-stop service between Palm Beach International (PBI) and Belize (BZE).

In a statement, Trump Air tweeted “We are confident that DOT approval of our international destinations will be granted before the imminent dissolution of the department.”

Trump Air will join Southwest and WestJet as yet another option for travelers to visit the jewel, an addition that was welcomed by Minister of Tourism & Civil Aviation Manuel Heredia.

“Though I have not spoken directly to the President himself” commented Heredia, “I have received communication from the highest of honorable authorities in the Trump family, Baron Trump. The Baron has promised me that his great planes will land in our great country.  More planes, great planes, bringing greatness and tax dollars and increased departure fees…fees which will mek wi great again.”

This is clearly a big milestone for Belize AND the airline industry going forward. I’ll keep you informed as departure dates are solidified.

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