What is Ambergris Caye Like Right Now?

Yesterday I heard tough news.  The Motherboard on my beloved HP was dead…blown…kaput.   Just over one year old and broken.  It’s never easy to hear.

Looks good to me?

So after reviewing my bank account – and accounts receivable – I did what anyone looking to buy a laptop in Belize would do – I started looking for someone that could carry one down from the States.  Shops here just don’t carry new laptop inventory – too expensive – especially with duty and/or the GST of 12.5% charged when importing.

The best price and selection BY far comes from on-line shopping in the US – and finding someone willing to carry it down for you.

So I put the request out to the world wide web and waited….and found out that 1. surprising amount of people are coming down to the island over the next few weeks and 2. that people are awesome.

“We’d be happy to bring down your computer.  What’s the weather like right now?  What’s the sargasso seaweed like on the beach?”

So I thought I’d share a few pictures from this past week and share the weather sites I like to visit year round.

May starts the “Season Festival” in Belize, the start of the slower season, the time when all the trees are flowering and we see the summer fruits and technically, Hurricane Season.

This week’s weather:  Things are heating up – and it’s been still in the mornings with the breezes picking up as the day goes on.

For weather situation, I check Windfinder.com for Ambergris Caye.  When the big weather sites are predicting this every day –

basically one of everything.  Windfinder has exacting predictions.  I love it.

Also, since it is the season, it’s best to check the National Hurricane Center’s report.  While things GENERALLY heat up in the Atlantic until later in the summer and especially early fall, it’s always smart to check.

About sargassum – the crunchy green-brown algae that is a normal part of ocean currents but became a nightmare across the Caribbean in 2015.  (Here was my post in April 2015- UGH.)  For months, we had HUGE piles and mats along the shore line.  And while wet and fresh, this stuff isn’t so bad.  But once it piles up and starts to dry – it smells horrible.

For the past few months, we have seen the seaweed was up on shore – and it is worse in some spots, better in others.  I would not call it horrible.   It is not anywhere near to the 2015 situation.

The crews have been working to clean it up in town – this is the view from Estel’s By the Sea on Sunday morning.

Estel's Dine by the Sea San Pedro Belize

But it DOES build up in some spots – and some resorts and homes work furiously to keep the beaches clean.  It can be a full time job on certain days.

If you are very concerned about it, you can ask your hotel or rental before booking.

My neighbor, Xtan Ha Resort, does a gorgeous job of cleaning the beach – and is one of the TOP beaches on Ambergris Caye.

Here is the look outside about 15 minutes ago- looking south towards Xtan Ha Resort.

and then a few steps north along that beach that is au natural.

SO there you go.  Pack lots of sunblock, some bug spray for the still early morning and as the sun sets and you are ready.  Refer to my Guide For Packing for the Rainy Season for a few tips.

And one more thing…if you have a suggestion on a mid-priced laptop that might last for more than a year…ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH…PLEASE let me know.

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