The VERY Grand Opening of Science & Soul Wellness Center at Mahogany Bay

If you had visited Ambergris Caye 10 years ago…or 20, and returned today…MAN, I think you might be surprised.  By the many paved roads and the road north of the bridge  – that would be shocking – by the growth…holy moly!  But one of the most impressive changes that I’ve seen in my tenure as an islander?  The amenities!

I can now buy a box of custom made Belize chocolate bon-bons, I can choose between a French baguette fresh from the oven or a loaf of real-deal sourdough, soon I’ll sit at a deli and eat a reuben with corned beef and cheese, pickles and sauerkraut all made in Belize…

This is Ambergris Caye!

Yesterday, I attended the Opening Celebration for Science & Soul Wellness Center at Mahogany Bay Village – a development that takes my breath away.  The scale, the attention to detail and the variety of businesses that have been attracted to hotel/residence/community is astounding.  And the village is not even open yet – the Coastal Living, Curio by Hilton Hotel is slated to open this fall/early winter…

Inside the Great House – what will be the main lobby area

To show you a bit of what’s going on, let me show you a bit of the party that took place at the pool and pool bar, Shaken, yesterday afternoon.  (Shaken opened at the end of February – you can see the opening here.)

Pool at Mahogany Bay Village

Science and Soul Wellness Center is the island’s newest business – with ALL kinds of yoga (including aerial and SUP) as well as spa treatments, seminars…and sort of wellness that you can think of.  The owner, Paulette and her fiance Steve, are from Boston and she is a pro at what she does.

Take a look at the very grand opening.  Live music, a fashion show, healthy eats by The Hive (the health oriented restaurant opening this week at MBV), a silent auction for the AMAZING group SHINE (I’ll tell you more about them at a later time) and more…

The new business occupies the 2nd floor of this large building at MB.  2600 square feet!

We’ll go inside in a minute!

SSW will be offering 2 SUP Yoga classes a day at Mahogany Bay’s beach club on the West Side of Ambergris Caye.

There was dance…

There were demonstrations…

And then inside the studio.  I mean…just STUNNING.

Photo by Kristin of Sotheby’s Belize

All I can say is WOW.  Check out their facebook page for lots more information (the beginning rate for 6 month membership is SHOCKINGLY affordable) – and it can be pretty much guaranteed that I will at least by trying aerial yoga there.  I just hope that no one is looking.

And WOW the sunset on my drive home.  Namaste…for real.

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