Sunday on Ambergris Caye: There is ALWAYS Something Going On

This has been a week of HOT weather on Ambergris Caye, Belize.  The wind, while strong, has been blowing from the south-east and temperatures in the high 80s to low 90s, super high humidity and a hot muggy wind have really turned up the sweat.  Folks, it’s a 3 shower a day weather.

(Here is the weather site I always use.)

LUCKILY for us, we are surrounded by water – and a swim is never far away.  Here are some photos from my Sunday.

The Cut, Ambergris Caye

10am Restorative Yoga at Ak’Bol Resort, about 2 miles North Ambergris Caye

THE best swimming dock – perfect after the class

Such a beautiful view no matter which way you look – Tres Cocos is beautiful.

Although just south is the OLD location of Palapa Bar – it’s now called Tiki Maya.  They have just installed some wind turbines that aren’t running yet…set up still happening.

Zooming in a bit closer…

Time to head south into town.

Angel Nunez Auditorium, San Pedro High School, Just North of Town

Over the weekend – Friday thru Sunday – the Belize Tattoo convention was taking place at the high school auditorium.  I bet hundreds of tattoos were designed and applied…the humming of needles…

I arrived early on Sunday – just around noon – things were really just starting to set up again after the concert and freak show the night before.  This event has REALLY grown since the first expo in Belize City in 2014 (where my friend Margie got a foot tattoo – ouch!)

Last year I saw more action.  Here are a few pics from yesterday.


Carlos…who does construction on San Pedro setting up his new line of t-shirts.  I need to chat with him more when he’s not so busy.  Find out what it’s like when people see your tattoos first…no matter what.  Does he ever get sick of talking about tattoos?  

We did talk about something else – his participation in the freak show the night before.  Hanging from hooks on the ceiling.


I was on my way home.  With barbecue from town…

Town Center, Behind Jaguar’s Night Club, Ramon and Eva’s BBQ

You MUST get barbecue when visiting Belize – the blend of beans, flour tortilla, cole slaw and slightly charred meat is magic.

We went out to our beach to play with Elsie later in the afternoon – after the sun had gone down a bit but before the sunset mosquitoes come out…

7 Miles North, Ambergris Caye

I hope you have a great Memorial Day in the States…a fabulous three day weekend…

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