Three New Ways to Exercise on Ambergris Caye

Last week, I laid down some Summer 2017 ambitions – Part One and Two in fact – that ranged from trying a new breakfast spot to unplugging on a remote atoll in Southern Belize.  There were over 10 items and I’ve embarked, so far, on only one.   Attending a yoga class or 10 in an attempt to get a bit more…zen.

Who doesn’t want to honor the divine within themselves?  😉

Over the last week or so, I tried…or attempted to try…three new classes.  2 yoga classes – both very different – and one for water resistance.  I am very slow to start a new fitness oriented routine – it’s so much easier to watch Netflix while eating salty pumpkin seeds (that’s my new thing) – so I’m testing the water.

Ambergris Caye has TONS of options these day.  I mean tons.  You can DIY – swim, SUP, kayak, beach walk, SCUBA, the list goes on.  A fancy new gym has opened right in the middle of town called Belize Fitness, we have THREE Crossfit boxes (you read that correct – THREE), tons of yoga classes, private Pilates sessions.  If you want to be active, it shouldn’t be THAT hard.

Let me show you what I tried.

New Beginners’ Yoga At Ak’Bol Eco Resort and Yoga Retreat

A few weeks ago, I FB’ed that I was looking for a beginners yoga class…one more slow paced, focusing on HOW to do the poses…a bit more serenity over sweat.

Kirsten, of gorgeous Ak’Bol, added a beginners’ class to her roster.  Hurray!  I’ve been to the first two classes.

As flexible as a 2 by 4, the 1.5 hour class is still a challenge for me.  But the setting and the pace, the breathing and the fun yoga talk (“Let the pose invite you” or “honor the divine within you”) will keep me coming back.

It’s the view that might get me hooked.  Even in the summer heat, this gorgeous dock has a great breeze.  And stay after wards for smoothies or breakfast at the restaurant or a swim from my favorite swim dock in town.

Ak’Bol has yoga on the dock every day.  9am and 10am on Sundays.  Monday is beginner.  Thursday and Sunday morning are restorative (less sweat and more stretching and relaxation.)

Water Aerobics/Conditioning At Coco Beach Resort, 4 miles north

I’ve heard a ton of great things about this class at the HUGE pool at Coco Beach Resort.  10am – Monday thru Friday.  Svetlana (originally from Belarus but married to a Belizean and living in Belize for over 10 years) is the instructor and brings lots of fun gear from pool noodles to floatation belts and resistance gloves.

If you picture senior citizens in flowered swimcaps slowly paddling about, you are mistaken.  I am assured that the class is a solid work out and I can’t wait to try it.

I showed up at 10am about a week ago (meet at the pool below for class after signing in at the front desk) and found I was the only one ready for class.  Svetlana was happy to teach but I like to blend into a crowd on my first try.

I ended up having a soda at the pool bar and heading home.  But man…that water did look good.  I will be back!

Aerial Yoga and Healthy Eating at Science and Soul Wellness Center, 2 Miles South

This brand new spa and wellness center at Mahogany Bay Village is just showstoppingly beautiful.  BUT all the fabric hanging from the ceiling, the metal wires and the shackles (I mean carabiners) downright intimidating.

Aerial yoga.  One of the many styles of yoga taught at Science and Soul Wellness but the one that I’ve heard the most about.  And I’ve seen pictures of huge classes with people of all types, ages and sizes.  I had to try it just once to see if I like it.

And I totally did.  It’s not Cirque de Soleil/gimmicky like I was thinking.  Instead of twisting and pulling you, the “silks” are used to assist.  Helping you get a bit closer to feeling limber than you usually would.

I did struggle to get in mine – just to sit in it – the first time.  But once I could get in and out, the hour long class literally flew by.  I actually had some moments where it all felt really really good – moments of greatness!  I’ll definitely be back.

And you can hang out here…drink COLD flavored waters…have some tea.

They have some really low rates for the summer…Mahogany Bay Village is slated to open November 1st.

Oh!  And after the class is over, you can stop in at the Hive.  The healthy food cafe (healthy food + sangria) outside.  Operated by two super cute young ladies, I tried a Mediterranean bowl and it was super tasty.

PLEASE don’t tell them that I stopped at Annie’s on the way home and added a slice of “Better than Sex Cake” to my dinner menu.

Let’s face it.  Totally wellness does not come all at once.

For more information on Ak’Bol Resort and Science and Soul Wellness Center, click on the links.


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