My Weekend in San Pedro, Belize: Rain Clouds, Farmers’ Market. A Webcam and The Pool Opens at Reef Village

The talk (at least in my household) has been about the weather – a storm wave is coming that has been promising rain.  And while we’ve seen some dark clouds (beautiful) and had some showers (refreshing and needed), it’s been nothing monumental.  But then the front is still hovering off our shore.

Here is the most recent National Hurricane Center update.

My eyes have been riveted…I mean GLUED…because I have a crazy crazy trip planned (I’m a 5th Wheel) for tomorrow.  One that involves a helicopter and a posh resort owned by the director of the Godfather movies.

But let me tell you about my weekend so far…the slight dip in the temperatures has been gorgeous and the scenery?  Even more so.

View 6 miles north – just north of Costa Blu Resort.

Yesterday I headed to the Farmers’ Market at The Truck Stop.  11am to 2pm each Third Saturday of the month.  Lots of tasty stuff…French pastries, organic veggie and fresh foods.

Taking advantage of the beautiful huge $1-$2 mangoes that are all over town.  My pic.

And the salsa for sale.  With or without mango.

Kunahmul’s organic vegetables.

I headed down to Barrier Reef Resort – formerly known as Reef Village.  It’s a large condo complex just north of the bridge that has seen some internal strife.  Things seem to be moving in the right direction and after a few years of being closed and deteriorating, the pool is open!

To see what the area looked like 2 years ago – and a map of the area – you can check out this post from February 2015.

I headed into town to grab some groceries and to take a few pictures…

A BEAUTIFUL flamboyant tree seen from the northern corner of Back Street.

And then Sandy Toes Bar in Boca Del Rio.  Still only a light sprinkle of rain.

And then headed north,  over the bridge, and home…

This morning – about 9am Sunday morning – the weather looks like this.

Makes me think…

I was also wondering if you all would have any interest in a webcam – to watch the sunrise and the weather happen live from our balcony.  It’s not the perfect view…but it’s not bad 🙂

Yesterday at about 10am.

If you have any suggestions for reasonable priced, good cameras, please let me know.  Thanks!

And now that I look at the view, the guy building next door to us should pay ME to put this up.  What better way to remotely keep an eye on your project?!

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