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Greetings From Rhode Island: My USA Seems Just As I Left It

Over 10 years ago, I moved, permanently, from New York City to San Pedro, Belize.   I didn’t move because I didn’t like the USA – on the contrary, I love New York.  I just loved Belize too – and I wanted to experience all that Belize has to offer.

I now travel to America once a year to visit family – I’d visit a few more times if I could but for now, this is working fine.  Touching down in my native North East United States means gorging on foods I remember so fondly and love – like sandwiches and bagels, cherries and crispy apples.  It means stores BURSTING with selection – just chains like CVS or Walgreens make my head spin.  It also means being run ragged by my three nephews, Nate, age 9, Tommy, age 7 and Willie, who is turning 4 this month.

But this trip I was a little uneasy.  I haven’t been back to Rhode Island in about 13 months and, it doesn’t matter which angle you look at it from, LOTS has occurred in America.  I’ve spent some serious hours on my couch on Ambergris Caye glued to CNN and FoxNews over this past year and I was a bit worried that I’d touch down in Atlanta…and then Providence, Rhode Island to find a country I didn’t know.  Foreign.

Maybe filled with people that would make me feel like I never knew the United States at all.

I am pleased to announce (for my own sake) that currently from my narrow perspective – in Barrington, Rhode Island – things seem just as they should be.  And there is a TON to remind me why I love it here – and also remind me why I love my home on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

PLUS, I love Independence Day.  It’s a great day to remember that togetherness is what makes a country great – not isolation, fear and hate.

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to.  And please remind me when I get home, please Rebecca,  turn OFF the cable news.

Headed to Blount’s Clam Shack in neighboring Warren, RI in my brother’s new boat.  I had a whole belly fried clam platter.

Sunday evening at the Pawtucket Paw Sox game.  (They are the minor league – AAA- team associated with the Boston Red Sox)

Post game fire works.

The temperature yesterday was in the high 80s and Second Beach near Newport, RI was perfect.  Except for the red tide.

And Del’s Frozen Lemonade – a FAVORITE in Rhode Island.  It’s EVERYWHERE.

I know there is a ton of division and SO many issues and problems, violence and anger but for now…I’m enjoying this trip to see my family.  Overall – I’m going to concentrate on the good stuff.

And I’ll be back to Belize this weekend.  I hope everyone has a great day no matter where you are.






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11 thoughts on “Greetings From Rhode Island: My USA Seems Just As I Left It

  1. bruce losee

    Glad you made it back being from Connecticut I know your emotions well … I too left for Placencia years ago and the unraveling of the norm in the US was also a concern… Glad to hear things are OK and close to how you have left it… I havent done that yet but will soon… Happy Trails

  2. Billizer

    My creed; vote and hope. It is good to see Trump is reuniting America…against him. Rhode Island always reminds me of The Eagles song…now, what was it?

  3. TarheelBornGal

    Glad your family visit is going well. Although the political climate here in the US is not to my liking at all, there is still a lot of good here, and simple pleasures top the list for me. Happy 4th!

  4. Laurie

    You had to see it on the news! Liberals marching with pu$$y hats? Burning other people’s property? Trashing police cars, beating conservatives up? And you were scared. Geez, chick.

  5. Jim

    Glad your having a good time. I was in the same area a few days ago and eating the same foods, great. (Fried clams (whole belly of course); fried cod and Sea Snail salad (conk), even some stuffed quahogs). When I was a lot younger I used to go down to Blount’s dock in Warren and buy mahogany sea clams by the bushel for bait from their boats. They use them in clam chowder.The weather is really good right now, you hit it just right. We went over to Long Island by ferry from New London the other day and I’m looking out over the Atlantic right now as I write this. Doesn’t get any better but we must head back later today to the SE MA area. The USA is just fine and if the other side would accept the fact that they lost it would be even better. Have a good trip back, Rebecca, take care.

  6. FJL

    Not surprised to see comments like Jim’s and Laurie’s below. You mentioned checking Fox news often. This network was created by Roger Ailes years ago with the intention of naming it GOP News. He failed to find anyone interested in backing a station with the sole intention of promoting one agenda. Rupert Murdoch finally came along, agreeing to back it and changing the name to a more neutral Fox, and subsequently losing millions for several years. It has never been the agenda to provide real news and facts here. Never. And several studies have proved that viewers are more misinformed than people who read/watch no news at all.
    One choice as an alternative to television networks owned by billionaires, governments and corporations is Free Speech TV, on satellite and dish but likely not on cable. Nice website too.
    To quote Thomas Jefferson…”An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” Your nephews (and mine) are the future of America. Let’s hope they are the well-informed electorate to put our democracy back on the right track.

    1. Jim

      OK, Einstein your saying Laurie is incorrect and what she stated did not happen? Talk about not being well informed. For your information this did happen, is happening and more. Worse of all, none of it is spontaneous, these people where bused to the demonstrations and many where paid to demonstrate and guess by who? ans. George Soros

    2. blancojoe

      FJL….Typical arrogant liberal. Short sighted, dogmatic, and totally blind to all the corruption the left has had to offer again and again and again. A true Hillary sycophant. Live on in your socialistic utopia, but stay out of Democrat controlled Chicago…their liberal lifestyle has caught up with them…like Venezuela. Liberals have eyes but refuse to see. Their self righteous convictions for abortions and Marxism are legion. Have another lemonade…er…Kool-Aid.

  7. Stef Searles

    Would it be possible to somehow speak with you directly? Considering the move, and would love to speak to someone directly who is living there – expat from the states. Thank you!!

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