Greetings From Rhode Island: My USA Seems Just As I Left It

Over 10 years ago, I moved, permanently, from New York City to San Pedro, Belize.   I didn’t move because I didn’t like the USA – on the contrary, I love New York.  I just loved Belize too – and I wanted to experience all that Belize has to offer.

I now travel to America once a year to visit family – I’d visit a few more times if I could but for now, this is working fine.  Touching down in my native North East United States means gorging on foods I remember so fondly and love – like sandwiches and bagels, cherries and crispy apples.  It means stores BURSTING with selection – just chains like CVS or Walgreens make my head spin.  It also means being run ragged by my three nephews, Nate, age 9, Tommy, age 7 and Willie, who is turning 4 this month.

But this trip I was a little uneasy.  I haven’t been back to Rhode Island in about 13 months and, it doesn’t matter which angle you look at it from, LOTS has occurred in America.  I’ve spent some serious hours on my couch on Ambergris Caye glued to CNN and FoxNews over this past year and I was a bit worried that I’d touch down in Atlanta…and then Providence, Rhode Island to find a country I didn’t know.  Foreign.

Maybe filled with people that would make me feel like I never knew the United States at all.

I am pleased to announce (for my own sake) that currently from my narrow perspective – in Barrington, Rhode Island – things seem just as they should be.  And there is a TON to remind me why I love it here – and also remind me why I love my home on Ambergris Caye, Belize.

PLUS, I love Independence Day.  It’s a great day to remember that togetherness is what makes a country great – not isolation, fear and hate.

Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to.  And please remind me when I get home, please Rebecca,  turn OFF the cable news.

Headed to Blount’s Clam Shack in neighboring Warren, RI in my brother’s new boat.  I had a whole belly fried clam platter.

Sunday evening at the Pawtucket Paw Sox game.  (They are the minor league – AAA- team associated with the Boston Red Sox)

Post game fire works.

The temperature yesterday was in the high 80s and Second Beach near Newport, RI was perfect.  Except for the red tide.

And Del’s Frozen Lemonade – a FAVORITE in Rhode Island.  It’s EVERYWHERE.

I know there is a ton of division and SO many issues and problems, violence and anger but for now…I’m enjoying this trip to see my family.  Overall – I’m going to concentrate on the good stuff.

And I’ll be back to Belize this weekend.  I hope everyone has a great day no matter where you are.

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