Five Things that Made Me Happy This Week in San Pedro, Belize

It’s only Tuesday and we are seeing a mosquito hatch (from the rains after the last tropical storm that left us drenched) of epic proportions.

But there are still lots of things that I’m happy about (even the gloomy weather is pretty)…and here are just five.

Tropical Storm Harvey Died — in just two weeks, we’ve had two hurricane scares.  One for Tropical Storm, turned Hurricane Franklin.  He ended up heading northward to the Yucatan in Mexico (August 8) and leaving us with only a deluge of rain (and about 9 days later – the incubation period – the flying vermin plague).  The second for Tropical Storm Harvey who has been tracking us for about a week.  Building up…and then dying back down.   That’s how I like my potential hurricanes.

The red X marks Harvey who, like a virus, may rear his very ugly head again.

Bandanas aka As Sweat Rags NOW Known as Fly Swatters — Summer/early fall is the hottest time of the year on Ambergris Caye.  Though the temperature doesn’t get too far above 90 — which I know is considered a cool front in August Housten, Texas — the humidity is always hovering around 100% and the winds shift around.  And sometimes die off all together.

I can always be found with a bandana.  Usually I’m clutching it in my hand.  To dab at sweat.  Or use as a napkin or to wipe off a particularly soiled golf cart seat.  (My jean shorts can only absorb SO much.)

So I was very happy to reload at one of the mini-tienda in San Pedro town.  There aren’t too many left – but these stores that sell EVERYTHING…from mops to shot glasses to needles and thread to plastic bins carry cheap sweat rags.  Here is a handful I scored at Mini Katherin Tienda on Back Street for $15bzd.

Now I can use it like a horse tail to swat the mossies.

Stiff like boards, they will need many many weeks outside on the line before I can use them.  They generally reach peak at about 1 year of use.

And don’t even get me started about how much I LOVE Ammens Medicated Powder.

My Fruit Stand — Gotay’s Fruit and Vegetable Stand in Boca Del Rio is just the best.  Run by a huge extended family from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, they’ve ALWAYS got a kind word or a freebie to throw in your bag.

I love the selection of local fruits and herbs – ask!  They’ll explain it to you.  And the pretty displays – especially the care taken with bananas that cost 20 Belize cents.

And I appreciate the cheeky sense of humor.

Finding a Succulent Plant in San Pedro — The internet is pretty obsessed with succulents.   You can now have a whole succulent themed wedding!  (Check out these ideas from Martha Stewart – swoon!)

And I get the feeling that we, in Belize, should be obsessed too.

Succulents are:  A general definition of succulents is that they are drought resistant plants in which the leaves, stem or roots have become more than usually fleshy by the development of water-storing tissue.

Cacti are succulents.  So…plants that often grow in hot tough conditions.  Perfect!

I ordered seeds for Hen & Chick succulents in the states and have tried three times to grow them.  Nadda.  But recently I found the coolest plant in San Pedro — one whose leaves are lined with baby plants.

Called Mother Of Thousands.

Yes, it may sounds like an alien but look at these little cuties that have already taken root.

All of my birthday greetings — Social Media (and Facebook in particular) have pros and cons.  There is an actual medical term:  Facebook depression.

And though your awesome pictures and incessant happiness can cause others to be despondent, one fabulous feature is BIRTHDAY ALERTS.

How else would I get over 200 birthday wishes?  Thanks Facebook and you all.

And one quick article:  If, like me, you’ve ever wondered why bandanas are all this same pattern!

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