Five Things In San Pedro, Belize

Let’s get all corny for a moment – gratitude makes my life better.  Seriously!

Even giving it a try at the end of the day – just one thing each around the dinner table – or with your partner when you are about to fall asleep – ONE thing that made you thankful that day – it may sound preachy but this stuff WORKS!

I’ll leave it at that.

I am very grateful to live where I live.  As everyone who comes on vacation to Ambergris Caye on vacation see, there is a TON to be grateful for.  But when you live here…live anywhere, sometimes you need to step back and smell the hibiscus.

This week, here are the things I’m really digging on Ambergris Caye.

I am very grateful that Tropical Storm Franklin skirted by the island – the only real remnants on Ambergris Caye….RAIN.  We had 4 to 6 inches on Ambergris Caye the night AFTER Franklin made landfall about 100 miles north of us.

For us, the rain was a good thing.  The cisterns are FULL, the garden watered (WELL watered…the still receding lake left a chorus of LOUD frogs)…

The shifting winds and currents also swept away the sargasso.    Okay…not all of it.  Here is a picture during a strange and sudden squall this morning.  The seaweed is coming back in…but at least it’s fresh and crispy (rather than rotten and stinky)

I also love the bond – the sense of comm-unity that an impending storm gives San Pedro — and the big sigh of relief we all exhale together.

Georgie’s Tasty Burgers

I love a good hamburger.  Georgie is FAMOUS for her delicious sourdough loaves that are sold at The Greenhouse.   If you haven’t tried the bread, you MUST.  It is hearty and flavorful, heaven with just butter or cream cheese…Georgie has a cult-like following.

Now she has set up a hamburger stand in Boca Del Rio, a few block north of town on the main road.  Check her out on weekends.  The Big G – her double patty with special sauce was really tasty and the fries!  Her own secret spice and extra crispiness – put them on your weekend lunch list.

And I am grateful for all the FOOD CHOICES we Now Have Available On Our Island

The baguette sandwiches from the French Bakery $9bzd is one of the best and most delicious lunch deals in town.

This bread is EVERYTHING.  I love it most with just the ham, cheese, schmear of butter and lettuce.  So good.

Greek Yogurt with extras – I LOVE thick creamy Greek yogurt (full fat Fage yogurt with honey is one of my desert island foods) but we could never get it here in Belize.  Now it is coming in sporadically.  These mixed Chiobanis are DELICIOUS.

And I got 4 for $20bzd – shrewd bargaining on my part.  20% off because it expired yesterday.  It made me very happy.  Don’t judge!

Belize Chocolate – I love to just visit the chocolate but I always get SOMETHING.  Just one cookie…

Today it was a Leo Lolli.  My birthday is coming up so this lion spoke directly to me.

Not usually a white chocolate fan?  Me neither!  But try it at Belize Chocolate, it’s shockingly DELICIOUS.

And for an old San Pedro classic – warm corn tortillas by the pound.  We always pick them up on Back Street – here are 2 pounds for $4bzd.  These will be a side for eggs at breakfast, used for fish tacos and to eat with the chicken soup I’m making later.

You’ll have lots leftover but get Googlin’!  There are so many things to do with leftover corn tortillas.  I want to try this lasagne recipe!  MMMmmmm….

Yoga on the world’s most gorgeous pier

I am terrible at yoga but it’s not about that!  Sunday mornings, at 10pm, Ak’Bol Resort has a “restorative yoga” class that is PERFECT for beginners.  To do a bit of low stress stretching, to stop your mind from whirring and to just enjoy being on a breezy pier in the Caribbean.

I am grateful for our WILDLIFE – I’ve spotted some cool birds, and lots of giant blue crabs and iguanas seeking sunshine after the rains.

Snapshot of a “Jesus Christ lizard” in front of O Restaurant at Las Terrazas Resort.

Blue Heron standing on a pier on North Ambergris Caye

Blue Heron on Ambergris Caye Belize

Pride Week in Belize — It was just a year ago that the Supreme Court of Belize shot down Section 53 — an antiquated law calling for imprisonment for those caught have relations “against the order of nature”.

The judgement ruled it against our rights including the right to human dignity, personal privacy, right to equality before the law, equal protection of the law and freedom from discrimination.

A landmark judgement in Belize, the Caribbean and around the world.

Freedom is a good thing and not something to take for granted.

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