You Can Be An Artist! Paint N Splash on Ambergris Caye

My friend Melody (aka Belizean Melody) is a fantastically talented women.  She’s an event-wedding coordinator, a mother of two boys, a Belikin calendar model (okay….that was a few years ago but it’s the equivalent of Sports Illustrated here in Belize), an art shop owner and an amazing artist.

Many of her pieces are displayed around town…if you’ve ever been to Blue Water Grill, you can see her inspirational art everywhere.

Melody also does what many would think is the impossible.  She can make YOU an artist.  Or at least make you feel like one and act like one for a few hours.  AND you walk away with a super cool souvenir.  One that YOU made.  Artwork that you can actually display.  Even if it is in the garage or the guest bathroom.

Or in my house, the random “art display” on the side table.  Notice my flamingo from yesterday.  He’s a little bit menacing but still very presentable!

Ok…a lot menacing.

I’m an artist!

Let me show you how.  Yesterday, I went to Melody’s Paint N Splash.

Once a week – give or take – Melody announces Paint N Splash.  A location, often a beach bar,  usually a drink special (like 2 for 1 rum punches) and a subject.

I’d seen an Instagram friend post this from earlier in the week!

And another example:  Tomorrow, Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar & this pretty painting of koi

You sign up in advance and then show up.  EVERYTHING IS READY FOR YOU.  And yesterday, I signed up for my first PAINT PARTY in a long time – I was smitten by the gorgeous flamingo.

Just before 3pm, I walked up to Wayo’s Beach Bar for the event.

A gorgeous gorgeous afternoon…

Wayo’s Beach…and Melody and her assistant were setting up in the water.

Did I mention how cute they are?  This class isn’t just for ladies!

Sun’s out, buns out.

Oh wait…hold up.  This is IN THE WATER?  All of Melody’s sessions have been held on dry land until now.  But she is testing out new ideas.  And this is called SPLASH n Paint after all.

The table was ready in knee deep water and we settled in.  For those who wanted to keep their only pair of shorts dry (ME!), a few chairs were stacked.

You may look at the painting, the final product and think “there is no way I can do this”.  But do not be discouraged or alarmed.  Melody takes you thru it step by step.  Advice on mixing colors and the right brush and stroke.  If you listen, you just might get that feeling like I did yesterday.

I’M AN ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome.  About 2 hours later, I was finished.  We all lined up to display our work.

What a super fun way to spend a late afternoon and something to make you feel like you are on vacation if you live here…

Sipping a cocktail with your legs in the water…

Or something different to do on vacation…with the whole family or to meet new people.  And bring home a great souvenir.

Melody announce subjects and paint parties on her Facebook page for Paint N Splash or contact her to set up a private class…

And check out her gallery about 1 miles north of the bridge.

Now…I just need to add one more thing before I hang it on its forever spot – the front gate.

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