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Saturday Afternoon in San Pedro: The Town Goes Wild

I had a few errands to run yesterday in San Pedro, Belize.  I wanted to visit my friend’s pop-up jewelry store, grab some groceries/supplies for a rare Sunday when we wouldn’t go to town and pick up Jeff – who was returning from a 2 night stint at Cayo Francis Farm & Fly.

Yesterday was a GORGEOUS – hot and clear.  Hot even for August.

But NOT too hot for a race.  As I was driving to town, Ambergris Caye hotspot The Truck Stop was open early and PACKED.  There is always something going on – and yesterday it was the Ambergris Caye version of the reality show – the Amazing Race.

If you don’t know the show, Wikipedia says:  The race is generally split into twelve legs, with each leg requiring teams to deduce clues, navigate themselves in foreign areas, interact with locals, perform physical and mental challenges, and vie for airplane, boat, taxi, and other public transportation options on a limited budget provided by the show.


This could be interesting.  But FIRST…my errands.

I stopped into Fido’s Bar & Restaurant on Front Street.  Under the giant palapa that is Fido’s…there are a bunch of different businesses.

A jewelry shop…

And a beautiful art store filled with Belizean paintings and sculptures, jewelry and crafts called “Belizean Arts”.

Kaj Expressions – her homebase is Placencia but you can often see her work at festivals around Belize – was set up in the shop.

Really really pretty things.  I took a quick look around – and out to the beach…

And headed out.

Three different times we saw cart loads of people in matching outfits asking questions at local stops, taking selfies near town monuments and looking frantic!  Frantic in a fun way 🙂

By the time we returned to the Truck Stop, it was empty.  17 teams had assembled, been given clues and, as I saw in town, were off to complete THE AMAZING RACE!

Since I was not participating, I asked the WINNING TEAM if I could share some of their photos.  Here is a taste of the race.  THE BIGGEST SCAVENGER HUNT IN SAN PEDRO HISTORY!

Nice work ladies.

Hermit Crab racing at Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar.

Game played at Maxi’s on Front Street.

ANd trips to some of the more…random….sides of San Pedro.  Have you been to this bar?  

Such a HUGE hit, I’m sure it will happen again.  And they won $1200!

But all that racing around town – just the THOUGHT of it – had me hot and tired.  AND hungry.

We grabbed a snack/lunch at Truck Stop and headed home.  Whew!  August on Ambergris Caye.

My race included one scoop of Chocolate Brownie and one scoop of Cookie Crumble.  Beyond amazing.


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon in San Pedro: The Town Goes Wild

  1. Ann Darkow

    I was at Belizean Arts and discovered the jewelry by Kaj Expressions. My friends and I bought several pieces from her. She has such talent.

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