Tropical Storm Harvey Pointed Towards Belize

Didn’t it seem like just yesterday that we were glued to our computers and radios monitoring the movement of a Tropical Storm?  Hurricane Franklin ended up heading north – making landfall above Mahahual, Mexico – leaving us with one mighty night of rainfall and our 2017 Storm prep skills oiled and ready.

That was August 8, 2017.  Now ten days later we are tracking another tropical wave.

This was Franklin’s path when all was said and done.  The red asterisk is approximately Ambergris Caye.

Tropical Storm Harvey is now poised just east of Barbados – the easternmost island in the Caribbean and almost 2000 miles away from our shores.  He is moving forward at about 14 miles per hour.

Always a storms scariest look – the satellite image.

Here are the projections as of now.  Again, they are talking landfall on Monday and Tuesday…and slight jogs to the north could change quite a bit.  That is all reflected in the forecast cone.

Here are some great sites to watch.  I think it’s easy to have links in one spot.

The National Hurricane Center — the discussion gives great information on the forecast.

Wunderground (Harvey) – again, the discussions are great information

The US Navy’s Storm site:  Useful for wind speeds – current and projected – and exact locations.  Wind speeds especially useful since Tropical Storm winds mean 39-73 mph.   That’s a pretty big difference if you have a boat tied up on your dock.

The middle line RIGHT NOW is tracking just north of Dangriga.

Tropical Tidbits:  A PhD student in Tropical Meteorology really gets down and dirty with the details.  Good stuff. – a fantastic visual on the winds.  You can zoom in or out.

Stormpulse – again, great visuals and for those of us who are not-so-great with Caribbean geography, it labels all the countries around the storm.

For Belize specific information:

NEMO Facebook page for important announcements

San Pedro Sun facebook page for updates

My Facebook page and this page for updates and photos

I’ll definitely let you know what is going on in town.

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