San Pedro’s 2017 JUMP UP Parade Celebrates 36 Years of Independence

Happy Independence Day!  36 years ago yesterday, an official ceremony was held.  At the stroke of midnight, the UK’s Prince Michael of Kent (representing the Queen) lowered the Union Jack and Belize’s first Prime Minister, the Honorable George Price raised Belize’s flag.

September 21st is celebrated EVERYWHERE in the country with fireworks, 21 gun salutes and lots and lots of dancing and parading.

San Pedro holds the JUMP UP parade.  It is always BLAZING HOT (why do countries always seem to declare independence in the hottest months?) and SO MUCH FUN.  It is one of my favorite days of the year.

Our 2017 parade may have been the smallest one I’ve seen.  Next year is an election and the parade seemed…politicized.  It started with the UDP (the Red party and the current governing party) and ended with a HUGE PUP display (the blue).

I’m not really a fan of making the celebration of our country red or blue.  But I can see why it happens.

Politics aside, the parade is always so much fun.  Here are a whole bunch of pictures.

Here is some appropriate music to listen to at the same time. This artist from Trinidad, Michael Mantano, performed in Belize City on Independence eve.

DJ Debbie is the best – keeps everyone excited and the kids love her.

I definitely get the best pictures before the parade even starts.  The line up was scheduled for 9am…so I arrived at 10.15am.  And…it didn’t start until after 11.30am.

Did I mention it was HOT?

This little girl looked SO cute – dressed up to watch the parade.

Here are the Mystic Mas group ladies and gentlemen warming up…


Love the cape.

When Miss San Pedro arrives, it is time to begin.

Let’s break it down one more time.

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