YOUR Beachfront Living: Sunset Beach, 2.5 Miles South Ambergris Caye

Just about one month ago, I started my new “feature” – a look at owning a property on Ambergris Caye.  A monthly look at a different spot on the island – the neighborhood, the highlights and then inside the home.

My first featured property was Villa Vida Del Caribe, a private home 6.5 miles north on Ambergris Caye.  For this next one, I headed to the other side of town – about 2.5 miles south of town – to a very different area.

To Sunset Beach Resort.  200 feet of beautiful beachfront, a beautiful long dock, a pool and  just 12 condos.

But let me back up for moment.

Driving south from San Pedro town – just after the beautiful Victoria House, the paved road ends and becomes sand.  Along the beach there are pretty large homes and huge coconut palms stretching to the sky.  

This area has been developed for a while.  Buildings that have been up for 10 years or more.  So  think more full-growth beauty and less construction, fewer resorts and bars (there are only a handful) – back before the island drew so many tourists.

The Mosquito Coast – named after part of the movie with Harrison Ford and River Phoenix was filmed on this part of the island.

I am not one to pick favorites but this area makes me feel like I’m on a beach vacation on my own island.  Drive just a short way along the road, you pass the neighborhood shop and turn off towards the beach.  Passing the local dive and tour shop….

Suya Tours is just behind Sunset Beach.

And park alongside the property.

Head around front.

You feel like you are in your own little beach community but you are also just a 15 minutes golf cart ride away from town – and the French bakery, the stores and restaurants.  A dream to me!

I love the spread out feel of this end of the island – especially the beach front.  There are no huge resorts…little to no beachfront construction…

Check out this post on the whole stretch of beach.  A walk from Victoria House down to the coconut dragons – about one mile and Sunset Beach is about halfway along.  It’s a gorgeous area.

All of the condos are individually owned – many are used as vacation rentals though living here year-round is a very appealing option.

The monthly home owners fees are some of the lowest on the island (about $250US a month).  The home owners’ association small too – and runs as a democracy (rather than a benevolent or not so benevolent dictatorship).

AND I’m forgetting one of the most important features – The South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch.  There is a dedicated private patrol – day and night – protecting the area.  It is considered by many to be the safest neighborhood on Ambergris Caye.

 I was taking a look at two of the units at Sunset Beach.

 One – the ground floor in the building in the center of the photo above.  C1.  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a huge front porch that opens right onto the beach.  Air-conditioning, full kitchen, laundry room, sleeps up to 8.

When the owners are in town, they like to stay here.   Less stairs 🙂

Walk right down to this…

You would have to ask them if the picture of Gilligan comes with it – can you find him?

The other unit, B2, is also beachfront on the south side of the property.  One flight up.  Also 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and another gorgeous porch AND VIEW.

And, of course, the pool and common areas.

And now some finer details.  The ground floor, slightly larger unit is $699,000 (C1) and the second floor, B2, for $599,000US.  Financing is available from the owners!

The rental program is a success – and is generating a 4.5% annual net return on both units.  The program even bought the resort kayaks, darts, horseshoes, grills, all new pool and beach furniture, a laundry room and a security wall on the street and alley side.  It pays for high speed internet, a concierge! and the beautiful landscaping.

So…if you fancy owning on this part of the island – beautiful low density beach front, security, a short drive to town for convenience but a little store and a smattering of neighborhood restaurants within walking distance (I LOVE THE MOSQUITO COAST), lots of space (both condos are about 1800 square feet) and a KILLER view…

This may be your spot.  I’m a fan.  For more information on purchasing one of these properties or short term renting and lots more pictures inside and out, contact Mark at [email protected].

For your future reference…for my “when I win the lottery and buy a spot on the other side of the island”…PIN IT.

Have you thought of living on Ambergris Caye? Check out this gorgeous neighborhood on the south side of the island.

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