14th Annual SAGA Humane Society Throws a Killer Halloween Party at the Famous Palapa Bar

Grumpy WC Fields famously said “Never work with children or animals”.  I’m not sure if he found that they were scene stealing or just particularly hard to work with – either way he was totally right. 🙂

Yesterday I attended the HUGE Halloween Fundraiser for the SAGA Humane Society at the Palapa Bar.  It was their 14th Annual Party and jam PACKED with animals and children.  ALL IN COSTUMES…all moving about…a huge crowd.

It’s one of my toughest “assignments” of the year.  Over half of the photos are more like smudges or smears – this is action photography!  So bear with me…

A cutie from 2014…

Here’s what I got.  Luckily it was an absolutely GORGEOUS afternoon for a party at a beautiful spot.  The Palapa Bar and SAGA Humane Society did an amazing job decorating the space, gathering tons of donated prizes and auction items and keeping the crowd well fed and watered.

I have SO many pictures from previous years…I’ll pepper some in.  Here are the links.

9th SAGA Halloween Party at Central Pak 2012

10th SAGA Halloween Party at BC’s Beach Bar 2013

11th SAGA Halloween Party at Carlo & Ernie’s 2014

12th SAGA Halloween Party at Carlo & Ernie’s 2015

13th SAGA Halloween Party at Carlo & Ernie’s 2016

Here are Karina and Chalupa all grown up!  I have a photo of them in each of the years above!  Chalupa is a super scary cereal killer.

Here they are back in 2012.

And then 2014.

What a gorgeous day.  Golf carts lining the entire road…

Lots of people in the water out back at Palapa Bar’s new dock extension.

And inside…

This cutie patootie strawberry!

Fantastic face painting.

And then the animals and the costume contest.

I started at the judge’s table…right next to Madi of ITravelBelize.com who is our Belize reef – beautiful and untouched and then destroyed by oil drilling.  Check her out here – AMAZING girl.

I moved down to the floor to try to get photos but man!  It was tough.

I was in the second row behind a princess.

And seated next to an angel.

Total cuteness.  Dooley Bear totally killed it.  As usual.  A few pictures of this famous dog in past years.  Check out his books and website!

Dooley 2014.  I think he may have been born with grey whiskers!

2015 as a wheelbarrow of sargasso.  My personal fave.

And with his human in 2016.

Hilarious this year.  Not just a Hershey’s kiss…

But a melting kiss.  GOOD BOY!

A shower loofah!

A team of scuba divers…I caught this chihuahua waiting his turn on stage.

Bella the dark angel in a GORGEOUS costume.  The work!

An excited hot dog.

Fan favorite…Barca as Wonder Woman.

I had to slip out before the judges scored were tallied but what a huge success of a party.  And what a gorgeous evening…

A tiny rainbow north….

Beautiful.  And get this…Halloween hasn’t even happened yet!




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