Grey Weather: Out and About on Ambergris Caye

Three grey days is a pretty long stretch here on Ambergris Caye – even for the rainy season.  Not total rain-outs but some rain and lots of clouds.

Here are some pictures I’ve snapped while out and about…

Stopping in for one of my favorite brownies in the world makes every day better.  They are not crazy sweet and so super chocolate-y.  PLUS, after closing for just a week, the Belize Chocolate company looks SO cute.  New bench and pillows…

The winter birds are coming down…yesterday I spotted this guy in the morning.  I’m told he is a Wunderman’s Heron:  Last, there is a sub-species of the Great Blue Herons called Ardea Herodias Occidentalis and is known as the White Morph form. This morph is found only in South Florida and the Caribbean. In Florida where the white and blue forms of the Great Blues overlap, an intermediate bird known as the Wurdemann’s Heron can be found, although somewhat rare. They have the body of Great Blues, but the white and neck of the Great White Heron.

Another bird fishing this morning…a pure breed.

A look at the beach this morning.

And a gorgeous flower growing wild in the lot next to ours.  Crazy exotic looking amongst the weeds.

And two relatively random photos from town.  It’s so easy to make a spelling error – I do it ALL the time but this one is awesome.

A total keeper.  BEAST prices!

And then this kid watching me on his porch…super cute.  Hard to spot but he’s there.

Have a great weekend.

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  • mysteryboy

    have a grate weak end you’re self

    • Don’t make me paranoid…or worse! Make me re-read this to find typos!

  • marysaunders

    Passion flower, maracuya. You might get fruit.

    • I was just told that this wild variety is called a Stinking Passion Fruit Vine…and breaking the leaves might be…stinky. The fruit are supposed to be very small. I am going to leave it here – WAS planning on trying to move it – and just admire while dog walking.

      • marysaunders

        There are showier ones that have fruit that make great mojitos.

  • Fascinating about the Wurdemann’s Heron! I wonder if I’ve seen one here in Florida. Sounds like it’s the result of a mating between the normal Great Blue and the white-morph version. Thanks for sharing!

    • Totally interesting to me. They seem a bit smaller than the Great Blue…but then I might be seeing the same one again and again and again.