A Rainy Monday Morning on Ambergris Caye

This morning I headed to town – to run some errands.  Some drop offs, some pick-ups (including one pound of conch – $14bzd), some shopping.  The rainy seasons seems to be kicking in a bit.  After a dry September, some wet weather has finally come and some uncertainty is forecast for the week.

The Weather Channel has called a potential system a “Central American gyre”.  Some additional information about the unsettled areas.

It’s 1pm and things are brightening but here are a bunch of pictures I took this morning.

On my trip to town, I slammed on the brakes for this turtle.  Called a Boca terra by locals – he’s a land turtle and does NOT want to be placed in the water.  But I sensed that he did want me to move him.

I am on a ROLL saving turtles this week (pat on back).

There’s got to be some crazy clever caption for this.  I don’t think it is GO SLOW BELIZE.  Any help would be welcome.

I bought 1lb of hot corn tortilla for $2bzd.

Estel’s Dine by the Sea is closed for renovations and hopes to open at the end of this week/beginning of next.

Love the new signs…

And of course the view.

The sky was getting darker and darker…

So I scurried towards the Tropic Air terminal – where I like to shelter from the rain.

Passing this super cute sign at Caliente Restaurant.

And taking my seat JUST as the sky opened.  Free Wi-Fi and  I can enjoy the fish and beautiful paintings?

Probably not encouraged but the perfect spot to wait for the rains to pass.

Happy Monday all.  And gyre?  BE GONE!

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