Suggestions for Ambergris Activities on a Rainy Day

As you can imagine, I’ve been getting this question quite a bit over the last week.  “What is there to do in San Pedro on a rainy day?”

Ambergris Caye is a spot that people visit to enjoy the outdoors – the reef, the beach, the sun.  Many travel to the mainland to trek among Maya pyramids or to drift through a cave dripping with crystal covered stalagtites.

But rain…and EPIC rains (and I never use that word) like we are experiencing now put a damper on most of those activities.   Yes, you can still snorkel and dive in the rain…you are wet anyway, right?  But some prefer to wait for sunnier weather.

I am using these dark times to pump the water out of our yard, carry Elsie to dry land for her daily walks, monitoring the weather satellite services, reading and working.

Also brewing some delicious loose Earl Grey tea (purchased for less than $8bzd at the Greenhouse in San Pedro) in my Mana-tea.

And a bit of beach combing…

Dead crab.

Algae!  Also called Sea Pearls or Sailor’s Eyes.  Also called a fantastic Halloween decoration.

And sad Ken head.

But you are probably on vacation and…you can do all of stuff at home.

Here are some fun ideas of things to do in grey or rainy weather.  (Hopefully you read my packing list before you arrived.)

PLEASE comment below with any ideas that you have or any activities you employed when you visited Ambergris Caye.

Class at the Belize Chocolate Company (about one hour)

Informative, fun and delicious.  Here is one of the classes that I attended and a look around the shop.

Sign up with Jo and Chris, the store owners, at the store, email then or give then a call.  Here is their really cool website.

Paint with Melody (about 3 hours)

Melody’s art store is just south of Truck Stop.  Stop in and find out about a painting class.  With the right amount of people, she can come to your area or you can paint in the shop.  It’s a fun time pretending to be an artist and you actually have a great souvenir to bring home.

Here is the last class I attended where I painted an angry flamingo!  We painted in the water but you can paint anywhere.  The world is your palette!

A much happier bird that a friend painted.

Eat with Belize Food Tours (2-3 hours)

I LOVED this tour.  San Pedrano Felipe is a blast and gives you information on the history of San Pedro and our cuisine.  PLUS, you hit a bunch of my favorite restaurants.

You are stuffed and, if you’d like, buzzed by the end of the trip.  It’s a great way to taste 6 or 8 different things and find out where you want to return.

Take a look at my tour.

Eat and drinking on your own – there are so many places to hang out for a leisurely lunch and drinks on a rainy day…you will quickly find a favorite.

There it is.  And please help out!  Let me know what you are doing on this grey day.


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