Tropical Storm Nate Moves Off Our Coast

I’m getting quite a few questions this morning about the weather.  It’s been an incredibly active storm season around the Caribbean thus far and we in Belize have been lucky.

Today, as Tropical Storm Nate skates a few hundred miles off shore, our good fortunes continue.

We still need to monitor the storm websites – the storm season is May 1 to November 30 – and October can be the most active season around Central America.

Earlier in the season, hurricanes generally start as systems moving from the west coast of Africa – hot air off the Sahara desert.  It’s a SUPER interesting process.  Later in the season, the HOT air and waters of the Caribbean can produce storms.

Just listen to Levi Cowan on Tropical Tidbits.  He’s a PhD student candidate in Tropical Meteorology in Florida and his discussions make me feel like a scientist.  It’s strangely fascinating stuff.


Skies today are grey though the sun is poking through.  Breezy…but nothing out of the ordinary.

We have been having night time rains, often quite heavy, for the last week or so.  Our yard is still flooded – we definitely need to get a load or two of sand delivered.

Aside from the night time deluges, the weather has been beautiful.  Cooler temperatures, bright sun, a passing squall now and again and then bright sun again.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken over the last week.  DO keep in mind that Belize is open for business – and if you are a Halloween fan, San Pedro is an AWESOME place to visit.

No need to wear a parka over your super cute costume.

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Early yesterday morning before the SUN came out.

I DO like the no fishing sign on a fish cleaning station 🙂 

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