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The World’s Most Popular Pet Website Recognizes A Special Belize Potlicker

The Dodo is an amazingly popular website dedicated to animals and animal lovers – and to spreading catchy animals stories to raise awareness.

The creation of the site and its creator in 2014 are an incredibly cool story – the site’s first viral post was “Recently Spotted 103-Year-Old Orca Is Bad News For SeaWorld — Here’s Why“.

SO…you can imagine that we were EXTREMELY excited when I was introduced to one of the Dodo’s writers just a week or two ago.  She wanted to hear about my dog Elsie.  The best dog in the world.

I won’t rehash her story because….ELSIE IS FEATURED IN THE DODO!    Or…as we’ve been chanting around my house – because it makes Else smile – EL C N DE DO DO!

Elsie makes our life so much better – it’s impossible to quantify.  Here is her story.  Dog Who Nearly Starved To Death Has The Best Life Now In Belize

And here are some pictures of her this morning – today is “her birthday”.  Almost 3 years ago, the Hopkins Humane Society volunteers (I was helping out that day) found Elsie.  And saved her life.

Best.  Dog.  Ever.

And all the pictures that WEREN’T included in the Dodo article.  You know you wanted to see them!

Proud mom.  If for some reason you want MORE information – please see below.  For more on the humane societies, about finding Else and…about loving her.

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10 thoughts on “The World’s Most Popular Pet Website Recognizes A Special Belize Potlicker

  1. Michelle Kosin Jesus

    This warms my heart! I wish I could bring all the dogs from Saga back home with me, but alas we are only allowed 1 pet in our townhouse and that honor goes to my 16 yr old cat. I hope that we run into Elsie (and you) when we are down there next week.

  2. Nicole Wood OrWdShe?

    Pets are the best! We have 3 rescued kitties, 1 small potlicker shaggy thing and a chocolate lab puppy. Congratulations to Elsie!

  3. TarheelBornGal

    Lovely, lovely article on the Dodo! I have shared on Facebook and Twitter. Loved Elsie from the moment you first started posting her photos. Thank you for opening your heart and home to her!

  4. Dr Mel.

    Thanks, Rebecca, for bringing attention to the potlickers of Belize. All of these lost souls need and deserve our help and support. I’d love to see a post on SAGA and how people can help there. We are great supporters. Hello to Elsie from our potlicker, Widget!

  5. Brent and Annie (pup)

    that is so awesome… nice work 🙂 loved having my pup there for our 6 month stints… she likes the snow but did great there. dogs are amazing ~ and so are owners like you.

  6. KittyKat27

    Hi Rebecca, I am Kitty from the Placencia Humane Society. Loved your story! We have a great story too about a dog that was rescued out in the middle of the sea by a group of divers. It would be wonderful if we could get The Dodo to do a piece on our story too. The more publicity we can get for our Belizean animals, the more fundraising we can do to help them. Can you share the name and contact info of The Dodo reporter you talked to so we can contact her? Thank-you!

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