Some of my Favorite Seafood at Lily’s Treasure Chest on the Beach

There are a handful of places that I always recommend for visitors to San Pedro, Belize.  Tops on the Lunch Time List is Lily’s Treasure Chest – ALWAYS #1 for fried fish and conch ceviche with a gorgeous view.

Yesterday, we hopped on the 1.15pm  water taxi (the Coastal Xpress) for the 20 minute ride into town.  It is about 7 miles from my neighbor Xtan Ha Resort to their “station” in town – we stopped 5 or 6 times along the way for drop offs and pick ups for tourists and locals.

The boat ride was a welcomed respite from our usual ride to and from town.  With all the rains we’ve seen over the last month or so, the road is rutted and puddled.   The golf cart is not made for such rough rides.

We pulled into town – up to the Amigos Del Mar Dock.  Located JUST in front is one of the older restaurants in town, Lily’s Treasure Chest.

View from the dock.

To the left is Nook Restaurant (my visit there just a few weeks ago).  And to the right, the very popular Cholo’s Sports Bar.

And the gorgeous view from our table at Lily’s.

We glanced at the menu but there really was no need – I know what I want.  Fried Fish.  It’s the best I’ve ever had.

They also do fantastic fried chicken (the best in San Pedro I say) but I always get the fried fish.  AND the conch ceviche – simple and perfect.

We also ordered the conch fritters for the first time.  And they too are FANTASTIC.   Perfectly cooked, not greasy and LOTS of conch flavor.

Here is our feast.

And then the fish.  The portions are huge at Lily’s.  The fish is crazy fresh, thick and always perfectly cooked.  I don’t know how they do it.

A close-up on mine – with fries.  Tender delicious.

I took a few more pictures before we left.  A very grey morning had turned into a beautiful day.

And the display for sale on the beach.

The tiny shake shop across the street.

It was time to load up into the golf cart and bump our way back home.


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