So Much to be Thankful for On Ambergris Caye

Last year I wrote my thanks-giving primer:  24 Small Things I Love About Living on Ambergris Caye.   Hardly EVER having to set an alarm may be near  or at the top of the list.

Happy Sign as you enter the RC Primary School in San Pedro

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  I have a friend visiting Belize…we are all making turkey legs, sweet potatoes, (canned) cranberry sauce and stuffing tomorrow.  Also, since we are in Belize, we will add in ham and rice and beans – both crucial parts of any holiday meal in this country.

She is going out diving to the Blue Hole (an amazing experience) and then DINNER!

You can go diving and eat your turkey too on Ambergris Caye in November.  For just that, I am thankful.

Here are some pictures from my week so far…

Last night we had a bonfire at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly – the stars out here amaze.  The Milky Way a cloud stretching across the sky.

My friend Ali (an amazing writer who is currently working on the update to Frommers Belize – NO SMALL TASK) took this earlier this week…TOTALLY awesome.

Yesterday…just north of town in the Boca Del Rio area.  Perfection.

A permit mobile in town.  So shiny new that my photo became a bit of a selfie.

My ride across the lagoon late afternoon yesterday – cutting thru very shallow mangroved waters from the reef side of the island to the leeward side.

Cayo Frances is a surprisingly big body of water!

And a gorgeous GORGEOUS morning.  It’s why I’m being so brusque.  TODAY I plan to paddle board…

Before I go, one quick photo of the mangrove tree next to our dock.  It’s flowering!

Something that I haven’t noticed before.  And something that will finally help me figure out the difference between the black, the red and the white mangrove.

Something to ponder on this Thanksgiving eve.

I hope all Americans have a wonderful holiday — and for those who don’t celebrate the holiday proper – every day is a good one to be thankful.


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