November GLORIOUS November: Weather Perfection Has Arrived

Guide books for Belize will let you know that the temperature, year-round, is ridiculously consistent.   We don’t waiver far from the average yearly temperature of 84 degrees F.

I grew up on the east coast of the United States…winters as low as 0 and summers as high as 104…this Belizean forecast was my idea of heaven.

And it is.

No winter winds that cut through your 7 layers of clothes…no black ice…no soul crushing darkness at 7am or 4pm…

But there are nuances that you become more and more aware of as you spend more time in Belize.  In fact, there are proper seasons.  I’ve written about the Seasons of Belize before so I will keep it short.

Winter is coming!  And the gorgeous north breeze is blowing again after a long HOT summer.  The weather is perfection…and it makes me want to take pictures.  So here are a few from the last day or so.

I present…Winter on Ambergris Caye.

Coming over the Cayo Frances lagoon…

My neighbor Xtan Ha Resort – and my walk to the Coastal Xpress water taxi.  A boat ride to town.

They are reconstructing the beach bar & restaurant that was washed away by Hurricane Earl last August (2016)

Construction stopped yesterday for a wedding…

View as I wait for the taxi.

We stopped about 10 times – at different resorts for lots of visitors.  Tourists are arriving!

Drop off at the Palapa Bar…

And then our final destination – the Amigos Del Mar Dock right in the center of town.

See what I mean by beautiful weather?

Lunch at Briana’s…

And after many many errands, we headed back north.  I popped into Las Terrazas Resort to snap a few pics…

And then back home…such a pretty night.  The sky peach and pink, the water almost flat…

Perfect for spotting the bonefish tailing not far away.

Speaking of bonefish…I’m OFF!  Guests are arriving in town and then headed up to “the camp”…Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.

The season really has BEGUN!

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