LoveFM’s Christmas Parade Floods the Streets of San Pedro with Kids, Candy and Holiday Cheer

I’m in disbelief.  Disbelief that Christmas is 2 weeks away.  Where did 2017 go?  And more disbelief that last night was LoveFM radio’s SEVENTH annual lighted parade through the streets of San Pedro.  I think I have written about and photographed each and every parade.  Seven years – and yet I’m haven’t aged a day.

A Christmas miracle!

You can see the posts below – hopefully the photos are getting better…


Here are the better pics from this year.  Movement and flashing lights and darkness?  It’s this amateur photogs worst nightmare.

But hopefully you can get a sense of how magical this event is – and how happy happy happy it makes the kids on this island.

A magical sunset as the parade participants rushed into place.  These are the real colors.

Let’s begin!Each group was throwing candy to the kids – here is Minister Heredia being mobbed!These traditional dancers made me so happy.  So colorful with amazing drums – they were performing the Jankunu dance.  Here is some information on the characters and the theme.  Beautiful.
I followed along for a bit and then jogged to the town center – to catch a taxi to Caribbean Villas Hotel where I was spending the night and day.  That BeachFront Bargain report coming soon…

I passed the Palapa Bar glowing…

I passed the Central Park and the beautiful tree.  There would be dancing and music and a fashion show (every holiday needs a fashion show!) later that night.

If you want to feel like you were there (and you are on Facebook) – check out Joe Chung’s 2 min highlight video of the event.  It captures it all beautifully.

I’ll watch just one more time.

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