The Holiday Lighted Boat Parade Brings Even MORE Christmas to San Pedro

Last night, 9 or 10 boats lined up just north of town, switched on their generators and to the delight of the residents of San Pedro, puttered along the shoreline playing carols and throwing candy, shooting fire (!) and trying to stay in formation.  It’s the cutest.  One of my favorite FAVORITE ways to get ready for the holidays anywhere in the world.

…Mama in her flip flops and I in my shorts had just settled down on a long dock north of town to watch…

Okay….I’m reaching.  But I need to jazz this post up a bit – my night-time, action, bright-lights-everywhere photography has taken a turn for the worse with this year’s event.  I don’t know what happened!

Here are my photos from last night.

Santa rode over…

God bless his little heart – it can’t be easy getting that suit soaked in salt water.

As it got darker, a few boats arrived.

The AIDs Commission was setting up on the dock we chose.  They had a few technical difficulties…some tense moments.

I ran over to the starting dock to snap a few pictures while the boats were relatively still.

The beach was packed with people and carts.Dooley Bear Adventures WOWED with the octopus.  Not only was it huge and gorgeous – though the child next to me INSISTED it was a monkey in a tree – but the eyes and smile moved separately from the body.

Maritime engineering GENIUS!  That Dooley Bear never stops surprising us.
He won the grand prize too.

But my secret favorites were the little engines that could – the Charlie Brown Christmas trees.  I love Laminar Fly’s little green and red lights strung over the flats boat.  (You can see it above with the octopus)  I also LOVED the crocodile.  So so cute.

Super fun night…as I headed to dinner at Blue Water Grill, I saw kids and tourists and locals – many dressed up and EVERYONE having fun.

Everything seemed to sparkle.  Especially with the best thing 99 cents has purchased me in a long time.  My kirakira sparkle app.

Too much sparkle you say?  NEVER ENOUGH!

There is also a great video on FB – by Joe Chung – that might give you a bit more of the feel.  Here’s a link below…not sure if it is working here or if it takes you to facebook but either way…ENJOY!

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