Are There Seasons in Belize? Or What Will the Weather Be Like On My Visit?

The answers in order.
Precisely? That’s a toughie – more than that, it would be a super power.  But there are some websites that can help with short term predictions and for those longer term?


Let me give you the general overview of our seasons.
But first…
People who visit me or look at my pictures often ask me if I miss seasons or more specifically, do I miss winter in New York/New Jersey.  Ummmm…snow?  ice?  sleet?  eternal darkness?  No, not one bit.
Plus, there are distinct seasons in San Pedro.  Very distinct seasons.  It just took me a few years to really realize it.
Since we are in the midst of a COLD FRONT on the island – our second of the year – it makes sense to update this post.  Keep in mind this…
I am wearing sweatpants right now – and a hooded sweat shirt.  I slept in socks in a sleeping bag (for temperatures down to freezing) – the outside temperatures probably dipped to the low 60s.  I was COLD.  Springtime, low 60s in NYC means shorts and flip flops and thousands of winter-burned New Yorkers lounging on blankets at the park.
It’s all relative.
Hurricane Season/Rainy Season:  Technically June 1 to the end of November, the season generally doesn’t really get rolling until the end of August.  There are exceptions but they tend to be rare.   We had a serious and surprise tropical storm 7 or 8 years ago on June 1st.  (Picture below).
Don’t get me wrong, the weather is generally much nicer than weather anywhere else (and tropical storms tend to give many days of advance notice) but it is a possibility.
I’ve lived on Ambergris Caye for almost 11 years in May (HOLY MOLY) – and there has been one “hurricane strike” – Category One Hurricane Earl in August of 2016.
There have been a handful of watches and warnings – including Hurricane Dean.  Dean was a Cat 5 that moved north at the last minute and devastated Mahajual, Mexico.
Strangely, since moving to Belize for the northeast US – NJ/NY area – MUCH more serious storms have hit there – than down here.  Weather is a fickle and changing thing.

So, during this season, especially the later months (August thru October) it is generally hot.  HOT.  And there is less of a breeze.   It can be rainy but your chances of sun are just as good.  The town is almost void of most tourists…so if you are thinking of visiting…DO!   You get great deals, you get to know the locals, some businesses are closed but most are not and I can promise you, it will be warm.

Hurricane season –> Hot and muggy (or did I mean buggy?) with a chance of rain.  Be prepared to sweat.

Winter:   A nice dry breeze tends to blow day and night.  The humidity is lower and the sun shines just about every single day (99/100).  And it will be in the mid 70s to mid 80s all day long.  In the evening, you will want a light jacket or long sleeved shirt.  The weather is just about perfect.

It can get VERY CHILLY a few nights in December or January when a serious cold front gets all the way down here (think BOMB CYCLONES).  Low 60s doesn’t sound cold to you…but with a chilly sea breeze and sitting on a fast moving golf cart, it can feel WICKED.

Belizeans take it even more seriously…you’ll see MANY wool hats, sweat shirts, gloves and even fur hooded parka.

It’s not just those born and raised here.  Jason, who is opening a new business here on the island soon called Camo Cantina posted this photo yesterday.  It was probably about 70 degrees but in the shade?  BRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Cold front aside, this is also the “busy season”.  And the town is hopping.  It’s a great time to visit.  IDEAL weather wise.

Winter:  Sparkly crispy perfection.

Easter Winds:  The end of March to May brings the “Easter Winds”.  The weather is just starting to get truely hot and it can be SERIOUSLY breezy.  Like sand in every pore breezy.  It is not every day but it is definitely windier than normal.  Great if you love sailing or kite surfing.

Easter weekend is also a very busy time here.  It’s a giant party weekend for Belizeans and the island is packed.

Summer:  This season brings the real heat.  June, July and August tend to be HOT (high 80s to low 90s) but still, there is a breeze most days.  It’s also much more humid.  Curly haired girls, get ready to be frustrated.

It also starts to rain a bit, but generally it is passing or at night.   And the dark clouds that can roll in, dump rain and then roll right out can be some of the most beautiful weather you’ve ever seen.

Bottom line?  The weather here is generally great.  There is no time of year that you shouldn’t visit.  There are upside and of course downsides, to every season.  Sure…if you buy a $300 ticket to Belize in October, there is some chance of rainy weather.
I promise that you will find plenty to do.

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