WHAT A DIFFERENCE a Day and A Few Degrees Make: January in Belize

The second COLD front of the new year is moving out…and MAN…this warm blooded Belize resident couldn’t be happier.  Yesterday was just downright cold.  Grey drizzle turned into all out rain.  With temperatures barely out of the 60s and a north wind HOWLING, yesterday’s cold was all I could take about today.  It really felt like it was sleeting.

(I still find Windfinder.com the best source for short term weather – not perfect but totally useable)

After being bundled in thick socks, sweatpants and sweatshirt yesterday – today’s sunshine feels like a dream.  The temperature increase isn’t much when you look at the numbers…but 70 yesterday (grey rain) and 75 today (bright sun) is night and day.  Like we are on another planet.  Mercury vs Pluto.  You get the picture.

I was so uninspired and so cold yesterday that I took NO pictures.  But today….here they are.


My walk to the Xtan Ha Report dock to take the 11:15am water taxi to town.  (Coastal Xpress)

Here comes my boat.

And the San Pedro stop — the Amigos Del Mar dock.

We parallel parked next to this MEGA-BOAT – the one that I posted a few days ago when she was parked just off Central Park.

I took a walk around to get a closer look.  Beyonce?  More minor celebrity?

All I saw was this guy scrubbing a hunk of chrome with what looked like a tooth brush.  Rental fee of $42K US?  I’d expect nothing less.

I asked a few questions of a few people and was told it’s a “bunch of guys” – no one they recognized – who went to their hotel.  Time for me to review my list of Top Belize Resorts to Find Celebrities.  Or just a bunch of guys with lots of disposable cash.

I went to a meeting and then had a burger at Estel’s…the weather is beautiful.

And then I headed back home.

And reminded that the Super Bowl is soon – there are few things farther off my radar.

And then my beach when I got home.  The tide is back out again.

Now…I took a few pictures of dogs today.  To add to my album FAVORITE DOGS AROUND SAN PEDRO.  Here they are…

This fierce little watch dog at Chuck & Robbie’s Dive Shop.  Sleeps with one eye open.

Another pose for this favorite veggie dog.  Today…

And last week.

And then flashback to last week – Ziggy at C’s Furniture.  Staying warm and toasty in the wood shavings.

Have a great weekend!

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