Sunday Afternoon at the Truck Stop on Ambergris Caye

At first light, yesterday looked like it was going to be a complete rain-out.  We’ve had a few unseasonably dreary days over the past week and Sunday wasn’t looking good…

This was a particularly dark cloud passing midmorning.

So I decided to test out a pierogi recipe – my first attempt at my favorite Polish food.   Crappy days are made for reading, Netflix and comfort food.

As these little starch and cheese bombs came together, things brightened and we had a birthday to celebrate.

The perfect Sunday spot to meet friends is the Truck Stop.

By now you all know it but for those brand new to the island, a quick reminder.  It’s Ambergris Caye’s food court, bar, pool, ice cream parlor, movie spot and all around happening spot.

They have an Asian food/noodle truck, a Taco/Latin food truck…

A Pizza truck and DELICIOUS ice cream.

The conch pizza is my very favorite.

OMG!  Maybe they need a dumpling truck!  Chinese Dim Sum, Polish pierogis, Italian ravioli, ‘Merican chicken and dumplings, gnocchi, gyoza, wontons, samosas and momo and soup dumplings…THIS IS THE GREATEST IDEA EVER!

I need to think of a name…

Dum & Dumpling Food Bus is already taken.

But back to the Truck Stop in Belize.

Some pictures that I took before the later afternoon crowds arrived for live music and The Family Feud Game Show.

A cute new hammock garden back by the movie screen.

They have a crazy busy week coming up – ending with the BIG Superbowl Party.

See you there!

I need to get back to planning my dumpling truck…and finding workers with very quick nimble fingers.



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