Carnival, Filling my Burrito Bunker & The Family Visit! My Life On Ambergris Caye

Comparing my life today to 11 years ago, it’s a drastic difference.  Single, living in Manhattan, working on the emerging market bond trading desk at Lehman Brothers vs. living with my boyfriend on Ambergris Caye working as a blogger and part-time gardener, baker, dog wrangler at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.

But that is not to say that my life is stress-free.  To think that you could get up and mov/e to a totally different country and leave stress behind is a bit…well…PollyAnna.

No matter where you go, there you are.  That is to say, I can drum up stress and worry like any good New Jersey native.

So give me one of the busiest times of the year in San Pedro (golf cart traffic! closed streets for Carnaval!), a few months of full bookings at the camp, a planned power outage for 7 hours yesterday, an influx of sargasso along our shore and my family visiting?  Well…I’m in a bit of a lather.

Here’s what I have planned for the family week so far.  2 golf carts.  Chefs for Hire cooking for a group of 12 on the first night there when everyone is just EXHAUSTED!  (They are all staying at Indigo, about 4.5 miles north.)  A chartered boat trip for 11! up to Tranquility Bay with fishing, lunch and BANANA BOAT for the kids, a chartered trip with Creative Tours to Caye Caulker (here’s our similar trip in August), an evening trip with ACES and Crocodile Chris – the night Croc Tour – AND snorkeling AND a trip to cave tube on the mainland (while I’m babysitting the two 4-year olds) – should keep us busy.

Lots of trips to The Truck Stop and perhaps one to Secret Beach.

I’ll be reporting back on all of it.

Until then…here are my photos from the last few days.

I’ve purchased 3 GIANT burritos from Poco Loco’s new Food Court in about as many days.   I continue to be in awe of the size for the price.  $16bzd.  STUFFED with meat, rice and tons of other choices.

From my instagram stories…

Choices, choices, choices!

I finally had to take it to a scale.

Just about TWO POUNDS OF FOOD!  This thing is a monster…that can feed 2 hungry people.  Can Poco Loco sustain the size and the quality and the choices?   I’m not going to wait to find out.  I am daydreaming of a storage system…where I stack these burritos like fire wood…or sand bags.   Filling my bunker with burritos.  We shall see…

Burrito Bunker.  That’s not a bad name for a restaurant.

I stopped into town on Monday – to see the aftermath of one day of Carnaval.  Sunday afternoon the small kids painted and had a foam party and left some marks.

Super cute.

And a fantastic business idea!  Tourists are ALWAYS looking to join in the fun!

Don’t worry about the turtle – a local artist repaints him each year.

You can see the sargasso being piled up in the picture above.

And my very favorite picture of all.  Traffic Officer Freddie Gonzalez, who is the first to scold me when I park illegally, having so much fun handing out beads to anyone who asks.

He told me that he gave out almost 100 strands on day one – with beads his family brought him from New Orleans.

I love it.

I’m off to do a bit of gardening.  The new plants given to me earlier in the week by a local gardener…

Made their way over to the camp yesterday.

And are ready to be planted.

A few quick things on my calendar to share.

Feb 14 – TONIGHT!  On TV in Boston or watch via the link of their home page, a news show called Chronicles filmed a few weeks ago in Belize – Chaa Creek on the mainland and various spots here on the island.  It is on 7:30pm EST – take a look.

Feb 18th – Our San Pedro Pirates play the Freedom Fights at our stadium south of town.  Soccer!  Show be tons of fun.

Feb 21st at Iguana Juan’s  – the first live comedy night – here are the details from their Facebook page…Announcing our first live comedy show starring headliner Rob Sherwood, Wednesday, February 21, 8:00 p.m. at Iguana Juan’s! Rob is the opening act for Carrot Top in his Las Vegas showroom at The Luxor, and he has headlined clubs across the US and abroad. Don’t miss his hilarious opinions on everything from the generational gap, to politics to current events, making him a hit to audiences of all ages!


And a bit ahea




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