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Cayo Frances Farm & Fly…Again: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I spend a bunch of my time at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly (“the camp”) on the west side of Ambergris Caye and  I live, full-time, on the reef side of the island – 7 miles north of town.  The camp is almost directly across the island – from reef side to the leeward side through the gorgeous and VERY SHALLOW lagoon system.  At certain low tides, some spots are best measured in inches rather than feet.

This island is SO much bigger than many imagine.  25 miles long.  Fun to zoom around and “spy” on Google Earth.

The camp officially opened for guests in September 2016 – with an awesome website and an even MORE awesome video released by the team from BOTEBOARD.

A new video is in production and a new website being assembled – a new project is going to be announced.  And since I am spending my morning sifting thru my 100s of totally UN-organized photos, picking out some favorites, I thought I’d share them with you.

Especially since it might be snowy and cold where you are.  Sharing IS caring.Our first guests – Clint and Alexandra.  They are now engaged…

The back lagoons are filled with birds this time of year.  There are quite a few wood storks, reddish egrets and spoonbills back there this year.

Chaya growing – chaya and eggs is definitely on the breakfast menu.

And the best way to end the day – with a bonfire.

This photo by my friend Ali is one of my favorites ever.

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    1. Jim

      Yes, and if she was facing the canvas you would swear she was admiring herself by the look on her face. Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing, Rebecca.

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