Iguana Juan’s: Fresh Food in a Fresh Location

It was the sign that got me.   The location described on the sign to be precise. “Conveniently located upstairs of an old building, on a back street, on an island in Central America”.

Funny.  And pretty close to how directions are given on the island of Ambergris.  Few people know the proper street names.  “Across from the RC School” “down by Social Security” and “by the fruit lady on the beach” are the types of instructions that you get in my town.

But sometimes it is following those directions and often wandering way off course (until you finally ask for help) that get you to some of my favorite locales.

San Pedro town is small – there are three main streets.  Again, they all have official names like “Barrier Reef Drive” but they are much more simply and frequently called Front Street (along the ocean), Middle Street and Back Street…

The view of Back Street from Iguana Juan’s

Back Street is probably the least “touristy” and my favorite.  I eat many many lunches here – the rotisserie chicken spot!  $5bzd for a hearty meal of corn tortillas, homemade salsa and 1/4 rotisserie chicken or Briana’s Deli – the best rice and beans on the island.

But now a cool new spot has opened – in a location that has languished since being refurbished a few years back.  It was my first time up these stairs to visit the new Iguana Juan’s.  What a great location!  To sip a margarita and enjoy some really delicious food and just hang out.  And watch the real world, San Pedro.

They are also going to be hosting some fun regular events.   Like Comedy Wednesdays and Reggae Brunch Saturdays.  More details on that in a sec.

As usual…enough blabbing.  Here are my pics.

Gorgeous new hand carved sign by a local woodcarver.  You may have seen him in town, often on Middle Street at Saul’s Rum, Cigar and Coffee shop.

The owners, Shannon and Brad.  They sold a HUGE comedy club in Raleigh North Carolina about 5 years ago and were looking for a tropical way of life.  They lived in Hopkins, Belize for a while and then came up to Ambergris to open their new business.

Brad Redder is a professional comedian, knows lots of comedians and plans to put on Wednesday Night comedy shows.  The first one is planned for February 21st with Rob Sherwood – who is currently working with Carrot Top at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

Carrot TOP!

They will also be holding cooking classes featuring tamales.   I tried a sample of really delicious brushetta on homemade bread.

And then the tamale.  Pork with gorgeous roasted tomatoes (I could eat 100 of them) and roasted tomato sauce and pineapple jalapeno salsa and black beans.

This giant tamale is DELICIOUS.  I’d so get this for lunch again.  Extra tomatoes and pineapple salsa please.

Now you’ll have to try it out for yourself and let me know.  They have an extensive salad menu…and the tamales in three flavors…and next week they will be introducing “thoughtful” burgers using tasty Reinland beef.  (I visited the cows myself in Blue Creek, Belize – the heartland of Belize- scoop certified beef!)

Shannon is a yoga teacher by trade and will also be doing Yoga/Mimosa Sunday mornings.

Check out all the updates and information and scheduling and menu and specials on their Facebook page.

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