Two “New” Bars to Open Over the Water in Boca Del Rio – Or Is It Three…

Update:  I received a message from the owner of the Tides Resort.  The large new dock will NOT have a bar – it is a location for shop.

Just north of San Pedro town, Boca Del Rio is one of the most beautiful strips on the island.

Stretching from the Palapa Bar on the south end…

Palapa Bar in December before the Holiday Lighted Boat Parade

…to the boca del rio or mouth of the river and the bridge on the north end, not too many years ago, it was a mainly residential strip.   There were a few small hotels – The Tides, Seven Seas and th

Beach front with larger homes owned by many local families.   And San Pedro High School stretches along a full block of gorgeous beachfront property.

There are now a bunch of bars lining this strip.  Melt Restaurant and Bar, Sand Bar, Playa Bar, Sandy Toes…

…The Lazy Pelican at the Ocean Tides Resort, Wayo’s, La Choza…

But this post is about the “new” over-the-water beach bars that are opening soon!

Neither is a new business but both have moved.  Let me explain…

And start with the north-most spot.  Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar.

This over the water bar has been relocated.  In fact, I found out when I saw the entire structure put-putting along the shoreline.

The previous location – just north of Ramon’s Village and south of Blue Water Grill.

Hurricane’s in 2012.

Hurricane’s on the move a few weeks ago.

Crazy, right?  And now the new location, about one block north.

It was very cool to watch them getting it off the barge into the water and then propping it up.  Mennonite ingenuity.

There is still a dock to complete!  But until then, Josh and his family have opened on…their front lawn!  And it’s looking great.  I stopped in yesterday for a few pictures.

Stop in for a beer and some great ceviche.  The over-the-water location should be open by the first week of March.

Now…let’s move a few docks south.  To a favorite beachfront bar – Wayo’s.

A few months ago, there was just a crumbling dock.

And now a really beautiful structure is up…and almost ready to open.

A dock with some very impressive height.  And killer views no matter which way you look.

And a look back towards the beach – and the current bar.

Such a great spot to watch the world go by – and the Belikin tractor delivery.

And LASTLY – I hear a new bar and restaurant is going up over the water in front of Ocean Tide Hotel.  Construction is happening now…just a few docks south of Wayo’s – JUST north of the High School.

I’ll have to get the full scoop for you.

But until then…Happy Ground Hogs Day campers!  And it looks like it’s time to start gearing up for a Boca Del Pub Crawl.

Happy February.

For more information on many of the businesses mentioned above, see the listings below.

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