Good Friday On Ambergris Caye

Good Friday is a low-key, solemn day in Belize.  Shockingly quiet compared to the Beach Party madness that follows.  I mean IMMEDIATELY follows.  The night clubs open at MIDNIGHT last night – on Good Friday/Holy Saturday.  And the Spring Break-like mania continues until Easter Monday when you’ll see young Belizeans, looking shell-shocked and bleary-eyed, shuffling back to the water taxi to head home.

Good Friday is a DRY DAY.  And as surprising that was to me on my first Easter week in Belize, it’s not this country.  In fact, Ireland just legislated THIS YEAR to allow bar and shop owners to make it their choice – to serve alcohol or not.  Publicans actually took the government to court!

Yesterday I took the boat to San Pedro – the Coastal Xpress water taxi.  Some tourists loaded on talking about hitting the bars in town…apparently they were in for a big surprise.

Love this sign. (From Women on Rock’s FANTASTIC site – the post about Island Lockdown in the Bahamas)

But the looks on faces when we got off the boat and Cholo’s was shuttered.  The bar that seems to be ALWAYS open.  From 9am…363 days a year.

I spent about an hour in my favorite supermarket – enjoying a seat and the AC – and watched as people came in asking to buy beers.

  • Can we just pay extra?
  • Can we buy liquor instead?
  • Can you deliver it to us?
  • Can we buy light beer?  (My favorite…OH!  I didn’t hear you say LIGHT beer.  Of course!)

Some just shrugged.  Some people were seriously confused.  Others seemed close to panic.

I took a walk through town – many businesses were open.  And restaurants that were open were bustling.  Drink specials were advertised – Virgin Daiquiris and Pina Coladas.

Here are some photos I took.

A group from NICH (the San Pedro House of Culture) were laying down a traditional sawdust carpet…

It is SO much work.  But the results are so beautiful.

When I returned later that afternoon.

I watched many families fill the church – almost everyone dressed in black.

There would be a procession following the 3pm service.

I headed back to catch the 4:30pm boat back home.  Our golf cart is in the shop.

I passed one of the water taxis – they were using one of the Belize City cruise ship ports’ tender boats to ferry the crowds.

I’m headed back to town today – to pick up the golf cart and perhaps see some of the parties.

I won’t stay long.

Happy Passover and Happy Easter to everyone!




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