Long List of Errands & A Trip to Town

Shopping in San Pedro takes me considerably more time than it did when I lived in the States.  What was easily procured in one trip to Target or Whole Foods often requires 3, 4 or even five stops here in Belize.   (Here’s some information on how to Food Shop on Ambergris Caye.)

I’m okay with that – and I enjoy it, weather permitting.

But Tuesday, my errand list was longer and much more varied than usual.  Pick up 1 lb of dark chocolate at Belize Chocolate Company, buy one habanero plant, check the air in the tires and get gas, meet for an free intro. ayurvedic consulation, provision for the camp (pineapples, corn meal and plastic wrap) and more.

Here are a bunch of pictures I took – I left the house (7 miles north, Ambergris Caye) at 10.15am and returned home at 5pm.  With bags and bags and bags.

My first stop.  Pick up a shirt that had been mended at my sewing lady’s home.

After scouring the entire town for a sewing kit a few months ago, FINALLY finding one, getting it home and finding that all the needles were rusted, I decided to cut ME out of the equation when it comes to ripped clothing.

Se Costura Sewing in San pedro

Here, the lovely ladies do an amazing job – and for only a few dollars.  A 4000x better job than I could EVER do.

It’s already heating up on the island – only a few degrees – but the humidity is rising and the sun is STRONG.  Time for my first icy cold beverage.

Coke Zero in a bottle is heaven.

A quick stop for cat food.

I stopped by my friend Finn’s house to pick up some pitahaya pieces.  Dropped off by a friend from the mainland – these HOPEFULLY will grow in to MASSIVE fruit bearing cacti.  Dragon Fruit.

12-18 months Youtube tells me.

At the gas station, an osprey kept watch…

My next stop.  Maya Princess Hotel to pick up a seed delivery.  (Ordered from the states and brought down for me.  Blush Marigolds!  Hurray)

Lunch – the best rice and beans in town.

Next…I’d spotted a lady on Back Street selling plants…and a habanero plant.

She also has picaya (not to be confused with pitahaya)

And gorgeous HUGE aloe plants – and one is flowering.  I’ve never seen that before.  Aloe grows SO well down here.

Here is the plant I bought in her new home.

Habanero PlantI headed south of town for a meeting and just happened to drive by the new location for Lady Bug nursery.  I HAD to stop.

Firm in my stance, I would buy NOTHING.  Unless…the lovely gentleman there could show me a real show stopper.

Who doesn’t love orchids?  But no…I wanted something that was less finicky.  Something that I could not kill.

THIS!  I must have it!  He called it a coffee jasmine flower.  Glossy green leaves and smelling like a gardenia, I had to have it.

I also snagged a Crown of Thorns…it came in pink, yellow and red.

Crown of Thorns plant Red

Back to town to pick up chocolate for my banana bread baking (mix dark chocolate chunks into this recipe and you have heaven in a pan).

Admiring the gorgeous Easter chocolates.

A quick pic of cane cutting at Elvi’s Kitchen and…

Time to head home.  I picked up a gorgeous pineapple on the way…

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