Living in San Pedro Town Suburbs: Two More Affordable Real Estate Options on Ambergris Caye, Belize

San Pedro is the only town on 25+ mile long Ambergris Caye, the largest island off the coast of Belize.  And what was a tiny fishing village on a sandy spit just a few decades ago, is now a bustling town packed with schools, shops, hotels, gyms, tour shops, bars, an air port and lots and lots of golf carts.  (Take a look at some amazing old photos of San Pedro and read about the history of Ambergris Caye here.)

For so many reasons, I head to town every single day.  Seven or eight miles, 45 minutes on the dirt and then paved road from 7 miles North, Ambergris Caye.  I’ve got shopping and errands to do and photos to take.  I love the quiet and nature surrounding our home base but man, there is SO much to say for living close to town.  (Here’s a walk down Front Street, San Pedro if you are not familiar)

Lobsterfest setting up in Central Park….

Trying different restaurants in the evening, the ability to easily go to shows or events, to take advantage of all that San Pedro town has to offer.

So while I dream of my pied-a-terre, my tiny “city pad” where I sleep after a festival or a comedy show or Friday night BINGO at the Lions Den (this one looks pretty sweet), let me show you two homes that I visited recently.  I’ll try to keep it relatively brief, since it is two properties, and focus on the areas around them.  You can click on the listings themselves for the details.

Downtown San Pedro

Nothing grand…no marble or private pools…but TOTALLY comfortable and move in ready (are you in a rush to get to Belize? 😉 ) and with lots and lots of potential.  The first I’ve passed countless times and was always drawn to the location and then this…

Beautiful Railing Home Boca Del Rio

This beautiful railing.

The house is located just south of the bridge on a beach front lot in Boca Del Rio.  One of my very very favorite strips.  An easy breezy walk everywhere and your beach view.  If you were laying in a hammock…

View thru the railing Boca Del Rio

Boca Del Rio View

The wooden house is two floors with a rental unit below – currently rented – and a basic but beach-vacation-perfect unit above.

Cute tiling in the bathroom on the second floor.The side yard and bodega – it’s what all sheds, storage units and garages are called here.Side yard bodegaI think it’s lovely and one of the most desirable neighborhoods on the island.  Take a look at all the details.  But this home (railing included!) is $465,000US.

Okay, okay.  You were TOTALLY with me until the price…you do not have the money for a beach front property and well…either do I.

I hear you.

Here is a super cute house and canal front property in an area a bit more off the tourist-trail.  DFC (or Development Finance Committee) was founded less than 25 years ago (here is a SUPER interesting history of the original 10 subdivisions including DFC, Boca Del Rio and others) –  with funding help for the DFC for affordable housing.

It is now one of the most populated spots on the island.  And a bit easy to get lost in.

But with a few carefully followed rights and lefts, you’ll find yourself on a SUPER CUTE little cul-de-sac with designated park land to the front of the homes and a boat-accessible canal behind.

The area is further cute-i-fied by our island’s Eco-Rangers.  A small group of kids from DFC that want to clean up and beautify the island.

Entrance to this street…

One side.

DFC neighborhood  The other side.

Eco Rangers Community Garden

Eco-Rangers community garden!

Look at this use of Lasko fan covers!  Every single home in San Pedro MUST have at least one Lasko fan.  After a year or so of churning with salt and sand, they need to be replaced and are just thrown out.  LOVE THIS REPURPOSING!!!!!!!!

And their minions trash cans and buckets – you can see them ALL over San Pedro.

Minion trash cans DFC

And the next two houses.

Across the street – designated park land.   And then “our house”.DFC House for SaleThe front porch.

DFC house Front PorchLiving space, three bedrooms and a bathroom, a kitchen and space for a screen in porch – the neighbors have a GREAT one – and room for expansion upward.  Though it is not needed – this house and the yard are spacious by San Pedro standards.

It is RIGHT on the canal – though the dock needs a little work – how COOL would it be to have a boat back there.

View from the dock.

Here is the listing with lots of pictures inside – way better than the ones that I took.

It’s an area where a golf cart would be great – but you are just over a mile from town.  But then tucked back into this little area surrounded by cute houses and water.

And the price is $125,000US.

Here are my real estate posts so far.  We are moving all over the island – houses and condos so far.  Perhaps my next will have to be some empty land.  For those who want to start from scratch.  An adventure in itself!

We’ve got a LARGE family home with a beach view 3 miles south.

Beachfront Living in Your Own Home In My Neighborhood, 6 Miles North at Villa De Caribe

Huge Home, Gorgeous Property, Blue Dolphin Villa 4 Miles North

More coming…let me know what sort of stuff you’d like featured!

And a picture of the wild flowers I picked yesterday.  Seven miles north of town – living out in the boonies has its beauties.

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