Taking the Coastal Express Water Taxi to Town on A Gorgeous Day

Day after day I bump and bang to San Pedro town in our golf cart.   The road north on Ambergris Caye is paved to about the 3.5 mile mark but after that?  I’d describe it all…back breaking.  Jagged pits and ruts, random rocky outcrops…you zig and zag the entire way.

Here she is broken down.  With the state of the road and the age of the cart, it’s inevitable that something will snap or crack every so often.

Once in a while I take a trip to town and back on the Coastal Xpress.

It’s the only intra-island mass transportation.  The Coastal runs from town, north, every 2 hours.  Shuttling employees, school kids and tourists between the resorts and homes.

It also takes about half the time as my golf cart journey (currently about 50 minutes to town) – though it can be extended by the number of stops it makes.

Here’s my journey yesterday.

The weather is gorgeous.  Spectacular.  Perfection.

The sargasso influx?  Not so much.  It seems to have slowed a bit but each morning, the coast awakens to a new heap of seaweed that needs to be moved.

The resort next door to me has almost got a handle on it…

My easement to the beach.

My pick up.  1:20pm.

The water has been colored by the sargasso that remains in the sea.  The picture above is yesterday.  And below, November 2017.

The ride JUST south of us – the Mexico Rocks marine reserve is like one GIANT swimming pool.

Even if you live here and own a golf cart, it’s kinda nice to check out what is new on the beach.  So much changing around here!

Arrival in the town center at Amigos Del Mar Dive shop.

And the dock just south – one of two town gas stations.  And the one with the best view.

Today is another gem of a day AND a National Holiday – National Benefactors Day or Baron Bliss Day.

The Baron Bliss…one interesting man.

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