Week in Review: Luxe Pool Time, A New Bar off the Beaten Path, a Nude Crab & More

The title “Week in Review” sounds quite significant…weighty.   I like it.

Really just a bunch of my pictures for the week.  Things big and small.

I’ll start with the smallest.

I live 7 miles north – less town and more the great wilds of Ambergris Caye.  Since the road is SO rocky and gutted right now, the slow ride provides me time to see the scenery.  The wild flowers and this guy a few months ago.

I move this boca terra (land turtle) to the other side of the road.  This week I saw this guy scurrying off the road.  I got out to take his photo…and realized that he’d JUST been hit by a truck.

And lived to crawl again.  But he was left homeless.  Headed to the lagoon side of the road seemed his best bet for finding a new shell.  You’d be surprised how many snails live in there.

The weather all week has been absolutely gorgeous.  Windy but not too much.  SUN.  I took the opportunity to do one of the things my job affords me.  Hang out at a beautiful spot and take pictures.

(Check out some of my even more interesting wildlife experiences on the leeward side of the island)

My Thursday morning at Las Terrazas Resort.

I started with a yummy banana crepe…

I love these pods.  

And then this blue flower.  I asked one of the gardeners – and it’s called plumbago.  So beautiful.

(Side note:  it’s called leadwort and plum in latin means lead.  It has been used as a treatment for lead poisoning.  Wonder who figured that out?)

I had to procure a small cutting…just a small one.  Fingers crossed I’ll soon have a lovely periwinkle field to frolic thru…

One more pic…a path to the beach.

A few days earlier, I did a taste test of the soda water and ginger ale re-brand.

Both Fanta and Schweppes are Coca-Cola brands – they are bottled by Belize’s Bowen & Bowen.

I would imagine that the soda water, tonic and ginger-ale sell a bit better under the Schweppes label.

Don’t worry – the formula is the same.  Just a new outfit.

This morning I made a simple banana bread.  With all my substitutions and additions, simple seems to be best here.  Lots of banana and vegetable oil, not butter.  (I’ve even tried coconut oil but the flavor is a bit too strong.)

Here’s the real secret.  Belize Chocolate Company’s dark chocolate.  Just sweet enough and tasting like raisins…it’s the perfect foil to sugary banana.  Honestly.  It’s heaven.

LASTLY…I stopped by the newest bar on the island.  Or at least one of them.  Garifuna Legegu Grill in San Mateo.

I’d passed these crazy quirky gorgeous tree house on the “river” just a minute or two after passing under the bridge.

I wish I could find my more recent photos!  But here is a picture from September 2017.

How cute is that?  There have been some additions and what I thought was a home put up this sign.

It is near the entrance to San Mateo just north of the bridge.

I found out a few months ago that the property is owned by Walter Medina!  Almost EVERYONE knows Walter.  I even wrote a blog post about him almost 7 years ago!  Here he is skydiving.

I followed the signs…and while I’ve lived in San Pedro for almost 11 years, I’ve been in the San Mateo neighborhood only a handful of times.

I’d suggest going during the day – there are some twists and turns.  This is way off the beaten tourist path…for the more adventurous traveler.

The breeze at the top of the bar is pretty great.  It wasn’t open yet when I arrived but I took a quick look around anyway.

Crazy cool, two story eclectic treehouse chic.

For a bit more information, check out the Facebook page.  I just did and found this newer picture AND the fact that you can arrive by boat.  How cool.


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