Shopping & Plastic Free Market Day: An Easy Beautiful Afternoon in Belize City

A day trip to Belize City can seem daunting.  Belize’s largest city has a sharper edge – and is most certainly less visitor friendly, less easy than many other areas of the country.

Just a few days ago, I had a bunch of things to do in Belize (the city is often referred to as just Belize by locals) so I planned a day trip.

I needed to buy 8 pillows, some new heavy duty frying pans and some other kitchen and gardening ware.  I wanted to refill my monthly prescription for half the price that I pay in San Pedro.  (And about 1/20th the price it is in the US – I checked on

PLUS they do a discount all weekend.  I picked up some cheap toiletries too.

But MOSTLY I wanted to go to Plastic Free Market Day where a selection of my favorite vendors and organizations would be participating.

I had been tempted by photos of GORGEOUS zinnias from Kunahmul Organics

And organic leather goods from Twig and Pearl…I had to get over there!

The event was moved on Friday due to potential weather issues…and I’m so glad it was.  The venue, Om Shanti Yoga Wellness Center is an OASIS in the historic district of Belize City.  GORGEOUS.

The weather turned out to be hot and perfect.

View from the 10am water taxi.

I arrived at 11.30am – just a few minutes walk to the Fort George Radission.   Belize City is quiet on Saturday – with many businesses closed – and DEAD on Sundays.

But what al pretty day.

Lobster Boats in Belize City

I first headed to the department store of Belize – Mirab’s.

Mirab Belize City

I found a huge assortment of pillows and their kitchen area is without equal in Belize.  The best prices too.

They packed up my heavy items – and will ship them to me on Tuesday.  PERFECT.  I left free and unencumbered.  Just a few more steps to my next stop.

The Fort George area with the Baron Bliss Lighthouse, the Cruise Ship Village (a look inside) and colonial buildings.

The Radisson Fort George.   I need to stay here one night!

And then one street over to the water and a GORGEOUS two level building right on the harbor.  Market Day!

Signature Flowers.  Make your own bouquet.  HEAVEN!

Rachel and her fabulous business.  ONE of her fabulous businesses.  Signature Flower Shoppe.  She also does weddings – planning some of the biggest most fabulous weddings in the country – and tiny ones too.  I could look at the photos all day.

And I had to make a bouquet.  Ginger flowers, heliconia, amazing local flowers for just $2bzd each?  Who needs roses?  Who needs imported orchids?

Imagine a wedding with just these local flowers?  Isn’t that why you get married in Belize?  These bright orange heliconias?  AMAZING.

Just next door with Kunahmul Organics…and still wedding planning.   Overflowing bowls of brightly colored peppers and veggies.  Maybe rows of beautiful pineapples.  White chairs and table clothes and chinese lanterns…

They had a table set up with pink and zinnia and gingham and greenery.  My pretend wedding is going to be perfect!

There were plants for sale – wrapped in large leaves – ready to pop into the ground or a pot.

Oceana was there – with super cute shirts and tote bags (one please!) in exchange for a donation.

The Belize Humane Society was there.  With kittens and pups for adoption.  I was MOST impressed by the volunteer in this suit in this intense sun!

Kids coloring with the Belize Audobon.

Inside I bought some bamboo straws from a new company.  They are not just eco-friendly and re-usable but they are incredibly chic.

They make plastic straws look bad.

And then Rebecca and some of her Twig and Pearl collection.  The baskets!  The leather…these sunglasses cases.  (I got one in brown)

She is so crazy talented.

Rebecca on the right and her little sister Naomi.

I also purchased a tote bag that is going to be PERFECT for my every day running around town.  Light and super sturdy canvas and black so I won’t stain it with all my bananas and groceries…one step in going plastic free.

My bouquet and Twig and Pearl items as I waited for the water taxi to go home.

I headed upstairs to Om Shanti to cool off – from the heat and my I WANT EVERYTHING frenzy.  Creative people make me giddy.  And I have a penchant for getting too excited.  “Do you know what you should do…”

I became a total fangirl of the flowers and the leather goods and…TIME OUT.  I had some very moist delicious vegan carrot cake and ice cold heaven in a jar.  Watermelon ginger juice.  On the wrap around upstairs deck with an AMAZING view of the harbor and the BELIZE sign…

I can’t think of a more beautiful spot to eat in Belize City.

It was time to take the 10 minute walk to Brodie’s – over the bridge.

View from the bridge.

What a gorgeous day.  And I was back on the 3pm water taxi.  Easy peasy.  Thank you everyone for the amazing market day.  My flowers look as amazing as the moment I got them and I’m already plotting a garden of my own.

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