Boat Rally For Rosario Leads Up To Important Public Meeting on Tuesday, May 15th

Last week I wrote about the approved development of the small island just off of Secret Beach on the west side of Ambergris Caye.

Here is a pic of the original proposal (left) and the final one.  With EXTENSIVE docking and over 50 over the water cabanas in HOL CHAN Marine Reserve – on the tiny island of Cayo Rosario.

Yesterday, local guides and concerned citizens met at the island to show unity:  NO OVER THE WATER STRUCTURES AT CAYO ROSARIO.

This all leads up to the public meeting tomorrow.  5:30pm at the Lions Den, May 15th.  For EVERYONE.  Families, guides, children, visitors, residents, lovers of our island.

Here are my photos from yesterday’s rally at Rosario.

Panny just had his beach area – a picnic spot on a lovely beach that he had erected – burned down on the West Side of Ambergris Caye.

Panga visiting the boats.

Independent guides, El Pescador, Seaduced by Belize, Searious Adventures, concerned citizens, Go Fish Belize,  Laminar Fly,  Passion Kite Belize, over 30 boats turned out.

WE headed out about an hour later.  READY for the meeting on Tuesday.  I hope to see you ALL there.

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