Labour Day Photos In San Pedro Belize

Yesterday was a national holiday in Belize – Labour Day.  And while Labor Day in the US is a bit sad, marking the end of summer, back to school and the end of wearing white pumps (old-fashioned “rule”:  NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY – and the history of that rule), in Belize it is a beginning.  Originally May Day – it is now a day-off.  A celebration of labor and spring.

And I had NO idea it was a holiday until I arrived in town on the Coastal Xpress water taxi and realized that my first stop – the gas station (for an icy cold Coke Zero in a bottle) was closed.

Kids were out of school and out and about.  Banks, offices and some businesses were closed.

Here are some pictures I took…

My water taxi stop for the Coastal Xpress is the neighboring resort of Xtan Ha.  They are doing a monumental job of dealing with the sargasso influx.

New doc at Xtan Ha BelizeGetting the stink eye from a blue heron perched on top of the palapa.

Here comes the 11.15am taxi.

Waiting for the water taxiStopping for a $1bzd huge bunch of fresh cilantro and buying some mushrooms too.

Walking on a side street when I hear “Miss!  Miss!  Say cheese!”

This little cutie perched on his bench with an old school camera.

San Pedro kids

And home to sort out a shell collection.  I bought these two great jars at Mirab’s in Belize City (my trip to Belize City over the weekend.)

Bleaching and scrubbing.

Much better than having then scattered all over the table.

I’m off to town and then I need to sit down and do my MAY NEWSLETTER.  If you want to be on the mailing list and/or for all my posts, sign up below.

And happy May.


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