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San Pedro Scenes: A Day of Errands

I’ll cut to the chase.  I spend a couple hours a day running errands around San Pedro.  Mostly for Cayo Frances Farm & Fly but everyday life requires many stops a day.

Yesterday I checked on our busted golf cart (don’t even ask), we bought fish, meat, vegetables and ate lunch.

Here are some pictures I took around town.  Village vignettes.

As I left for town.  This pictures is about 7 miles north.  I think I followed the rain.  They had quite a shower in town.

I first went to pick up Jeff – who was doing shopping for his camp.  It was the first time in ages that I was early enough to see the veg and fruit market on Back of Back Street.  (I LOVE Backa Back Street)

Sellers from the mainland selling plants and THESE CHAIRS!  I spoke with the maker – “bush vine” he says.  I am going to order 2 chairs and a table.  LOVE.

SO beautiful.  I hear they are made in a town called Xiabe in Corozal.  Shy-bay.  What a beautiful word…or name.  I must know more.

We headed back to San Pedrito to buy fish filet.  I spotted two HUGH horse conch shells.  Unlike the queen conch, these have no season but the meat is a bit…tougher.  Locally it is called MYMULA.

Speaking of tougher…that is not the hand of an 85 year old fisherman.  That’s me.  Bad angle?  Aye.

Fruit salesman loading up.

Lunch at a Middle Street deli.  Tuesday is a pigtail day at many spots.  And pigtail with split peas is heaven.  If you like porky pea soup, you will love this dish.  Really.

And a walk about…

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