Soon You Can Stay On One of the Most Gorgeous Properties on Ambergris Caye: Tuto Belize

Ok…so I don’t have the full scoop on this one but here is what I know.

Just north of where I live…just north of X’tan Ha Resort at 7 miles, Ambergris Caye…there is an ENORMOUS property.  If you are driving on the road, you will notice that it turns to go around this huge block of land.

Beautifully cleared – with a huge vegetable and melon garden that you can see if you peep over the hedges that surround the land – this 30+ acres property is called Tuto.  And belongs to one of San Pedro’s “original families”.

I can not take enough pictures of the mature trees…the white sandy beach…and the neon blue ocean…the pastel wooden house.

You can read this history of San Pedro by George Parham.   From a Prussian squatter to the sale of Ambergris Caye at auction for $625 to Mr James Blake to “the great San Pedrano sell-out” of land in the 70s and 80s…it’s fascinating.

The history says “By the beginning of the 1980s every land owner had sold their properties except for the Parhams, Blakes and Alamillas and a few others like Mr. Efrain Guerrero”.

This property is one of those that remained in the Alamilla family – you can see some of their other parcels here.

Tuto.  Named after Mr.  Apolonio “Tuto” Alamilla is 2000 feet of gorgeous beachfront, 7 miles north.  A huge property with rows and rows of coconut palms, some of the most beautiful beach on the island and, until very recently, one gorgeous, modest wooden house.

Last year, they began some building.  A caretaker’s house.  A new well and pump.  And now a dock…

And four beautiful casitas.  I sent an email – I HAD to take a look at what was happening on my dream property.  ESPECIALLY when this sign went up.

Here is what I found.  4 spacious cabanas that are under construction.  Large and roomy…kitchenettes and bathrooms coming…

AND THE VIEW!  I mean…


Since this is on my dog walk, I will keep  you updated.  I don’t know when…I don’t know how much…but I am excited.

(Elsie can’t make it 500 feet on these hot days without resting in the shade.)

I can’t think of any place where you would have this much BEACH TO YOURSELF.

For a bit more information check out their website.

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