More Docks in Boca Del Rio, Indian Food in San Pedro And SO MANY EVENTS Coming Up


Just a few months ago, I posted about a proliferation of piers in the Boca Del Rio area just north of the town center (Two New Over the Water Bars and one dive shop)

I’m left a bit confused.

There has been talk for years about thinning out the number of docks in San Pedro town.  The last mayor even suggested the removal of all docks to the back side of the island.  I’m not sure many thought that would be possible.

After Cat 1 Hurricane Earl in August 2016, our current mayor suggested that he would examine closely the density of the docks in town – and be a bit more discriminating when approving reconstruction.

He stated to the San Pedro Sun “I am in the position of less docks, shorter docks and smaller buildings around the beach to give that tropical look. We now have the opportunity to do something like that…”

But over the past year or so, not only have all the docks damaged/destroyed by the hurricane been rebuilt, but even more docks – longer and bigger – have been constructed.

The newest example is one that is under construction now in Boca Del Rio.  Renderings have surfaced on the opposition party’s Facebook page for “Losers” Bar.

I stopped by the area yesterday to see how this was progressing.  The view from Sandy Toes bar.  There is a long new dock going up in front of the bar.

And then just to the south an even larger structure.

You can see the bar framed and posted.

I am not a lawyer but I’ve been reading the Guidelines for Over The Water Structures from the Department of the Environment quite a bit over the last few weeks.

If you are interested, scan it and see what you think.  My thoughts are that this area is getting OVERLY CROWDED and more bars don’t bring more tourists, they just cut up the pie.

And this language doesn’t seem ambiguous:

14.1  The construction of Overwater Structures in coastal Urban Areas (Corozal Town, Belize City, Dangriga Town, Punta Gorda, San Pedro East Coast, Caye Caulker East Coast, St. George’s Caye East Coast and Placencia East Coast) will not be allowed/ permitted.  Where extreme/vital need arises, proper justification for such an individual case will need to have been legislated for within Local Master Plans, must be low density (not more than 10 boat slips or 4,000 square foot), and will also be required to first have the written approval of the Local Planning Authority or Local Government, following a public consultation.


I love Indian food.  Growing up, the closest I got to Indian dishes was my grandmother’s bland curry chicken salad with raisins.

But during my junior year abroad – at the University College of London – I was introduced to the cuisine that would soon become one of my favorites.  We could (and did) buy samosas and onion bhajis at the local supermarket.  And we went out at least once a month for “an Indian” – a full blown feast at one of the local restaurants that are on almost every street in London.

Belize has an Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi population.  In fact, East Indian indentured servants were brought to Belize as far back as the 1840s…

Belize City has some great Indian food but I was excited to see a NEW SPOT open on Ambergris Caye.  Over the years some spots have popped up but none have lasted too long.

Yesterday I tried D Kurry.  It has been operating as a take out spot for the last month or two but now it is a small restaurant.

It is just across from the airstrip in the “Wings Mall”.  The restaurant is owned by the manager of Wings – and he is originally from Southern India.  A Indian chef from the north of the country is preparing the food.

I got 2 veggie samosas (7bzd for 2) and Chicken Biryani ($22bzd) – I made the order and returned after running errands to pick it up.

DEEEEElicious.  But note.  For my American palate, this food is SPICED!  So if you want mild, make sure to ask.  The dishes are made fresh.  So that can be adjusted.

I could eat these samosas for every meal.

This yogurty onion sauce was so good too.  And nice and cooling for my tongue.

Here is the Facebook account for you to follow.  Each day they have specials which range from $15 to $20bzd and then there is a small fixed menu.  WHAT A WELCOMED ADDITION TO MY LUNCH OPTIONS!


Tomorrow is the open of the Lobster Season – the first day that you can legally buy lobster.

Here is the schedule for our San Pedro Lobster Festival.

The Opening Party is at Caribbean Villas (my visit there in December) TONIGHT!

But another festival that has a longer tradition on Ambergris Caye is also shaping up.  You only need to visit the old football field at the Back of town to see the preparations.

DIA DE SAN PEDRO.  Celebrating our patron saint, St. Peter.  I wrote a history of the festival – Part One and Part Two.

Stay tuned to the San Pedro Town Council Facebook page for information about the schedule.

There are some other VERY COOL events coming up this weekend in celebration of Fathers’ Day.   A Father-Son fishing tournament sponsored by the RC Church.

This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while.  Most Funny Looking Fish!


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