Gorgeous Sparkly Sargasso-Free Monday on Both Sides of Ambergris Caye

It has been no secret – especially to those that live in Belize and much of the Caribbean – that there has been a serious sargasso bloom this season.  Starting in mid-February, it’s been coming and going but mostly…coming.

Until now…

Yesterday I took a boat ride from San Pedro town to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly and back again.  What a gorgeous gorgeous super duper gorgeous day.   Here’s a map with the basic route and then lots of pics.

Pick up boat at Chuck & Robbie’s Dock and the view towards the Palapa Bar just south.

We are at A on the map.

Just before we head under the bridge — thru the “river” to the back of San Pedro town.

Passing Garifuna Legegu Bar in San Mateo – click here for more pictures inside this funky joint.

We passed Quality Poultry and the “chicken boat” – this huge boat goes to the mainland and back to the island each day filled with chicken.  This island…this country…eats LOTS of chicken.

We stopped at the gas station and continued thru the back lagoon.  Now at B on the map.

The ferris wheel is so festive.  We might need this year ’round.

We headed to the west side…and swooshed past Cayo Espanto.  A helicopter had JUST landed with famous passengers I am sure.  C on the map.

DEFINITELY ON MY LIST of 10 resorts in Belize where you could see STARS!

The water was glowing…gorgeous and clear and blue.  We passed busy Secret Beach and then this house about 1 mile north.  It’s HUGE!

A few old school fish traps.  (New ones are no longer legal but the older ones were grandfathered in)

And into a small entrance for the large shallow Cayo Frances.

That’s the camp up ahead…

A quick pick up…I watered my flowers and mango trees and headed back to the other side.

Kids and dogs were enjoying the beach.

I had places to be…things to do.  Packing for my morning trip out of Belize…to Rhode Island…for just over a week.

This morning we packed up…and made sure not to forget Elsie in the rush.

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