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Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort: Jungle, Beach, Heaven in Hopkins Village

This humble sign on the edge of charming Hopkins Village gives very little indication of what is beyond.

The AMAZING Hamanasi Resort.

I apologize for taking so many days to write this post – I left Hamanasi Resort just about one week ago – but I needed to let the experience marinate.  The lush surroundings, acres and acres of manicured jungle, the friendly, knowledgeable and proud staff (about 150 employees for under 30 rooms), my gorgeous treehouse, the commitment to the environment (truly walking the walk), the impossibly sophisticated yet casual restaurant and fine food, just the attention to detail…

The new gazebo and docks by the small croc lagoon

Impeccable.  Elegant, deliberate and thoughtful but relaxed.  But even more than that…

The “Hamanasi experience” is just that.  A full experience.  Last week I left with 2 of the best scones I’ve ever tasted packed carefully for me by a waitress named Abby (she heard me gushing) and four huge bunches of bulbs (rhizomes actually) and cuttings- pink ginger, red ginger and two types of heliconia – carefully packed and labelled by Mr Che.  Ready for my flight home on Tropic Air.

I was bursting with need to tell everyone I know to get to Hamanasi as soon as they can.

My poor boyfriend bore the brunt of it.

It came as no surprise that many of their guests return year ago year.  This spot is so incredibly special.

Here are a bunch of pictures that I took during my 2 night stay in MY Deluxe Treehouse.  You know it has to be good when I barely wanted to leave to attend the Hopkins Mango Festival.  There are very few things in the world I would choose over my favorite fruit.

I even skipped the huge amount of amount of other options – from diving to hiking to waterfalls and chocolate!

Tucked back amongst orchids and huge trees, vines dripping with flowers.  It really felt like a treehouse.

Outside and in.

How could I leave this?

My tree house was Wi-Fi free and still I never wanted to leave.  The world wide web AND mangos!

To connect to the outside world, I headed to the main building – a big open lodge with a wrap around porch, an easy going cat named Gibnut, a large bar and sitting areas.  From 4 to 6pm, appetizers are served before dinner.  Delicious appetizers like black bean panades, guacamole and conch fritters.

So good that I decided to head upstairs for dinner even though I had feasted at the festival.

Upstairs the relatively new dining room is a stunner. The magnificent ceiling that would rival many cathedrals.  All from local hardwood – Santa Maria wood to be exact.

Gorgeous breakfast spread at Hamanasi

I took so many pictures of the ceiling and the big ass fan.  (No literally, they were ordered from a company called Big Ass Fans)

Breakfast at Hamanasi

Breakfast is an impressive affair.  Fresh baked goods, fruit, juices, cereals and homemade yogurts, vegetarian and vegan options.  And a menu to order anything from pancakes or fry jacks or a fresh made cappuccino.

Though I didn’t make it on any of the tours off-property – I did go visit the organic gardens.

Beautiful local spinach.  I brought home seeds!

Local spinach Belize

The recycling area – everything from glass bottles (either returned to the distributor or ground to add to the paving stones) to cooking oil.  Meticulously done.

There is a woodshopping – hard at work making the beautiful furniture.

It’s really an amazing spot.  One you never want to leave.  And all of this and I’ve hardly mentioned that it’s right on the beach!

Down the steps from the main house.

Just a boat ride from this dock are some of Belize’s most stunning cayes -for snorkeling, scuba, flyfishing or just exploring.All I can say is that I am smitten.  Luxury, top notch food, staff that seem like friends (if my friends checked in on me to see if I needed anything else) and gorgeous tropical surroundings.

I’m not sure how you could want ANYTHING else.  I certainly didn’t.

For more on Hamanasi Resort, check out their website and for more on their exceptional commitment to sustainability, the community and the environment, see their blog.


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6 thoughts on “Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort: Jungle, Beach, Heaven in Hopkins Village

  1. Jennifer Albert

    Wow, that looks so gorgeous! Might have to branch out from Ladyville, Belize City, and San Pedro sometime soon and check it out 🙂 🙂 🙂 We loved the brief half-day we spent in Hopkins and the mainland is so beautiful that I’m sure it won’t be too much of a chore 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. Belize Blog

      I hear you. I didn’t go anywhere other than San Pedro and Caye Caulker for my first four years! But Hopkins – and this spot – seriously such a good place to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the mainland. And then return to this!

      1. Jennifer Albert

        It is TOO TOO gorgeous. Did you have trouble with bugs on the flowers on your bed? When we stayed in Placencia, they had gorgeous flowers everywhere but the big beautiful flowers had ants, so we ended up with ants on the counters of the lovely kitchen. It kind of put us off wanting to lie on the bed or set food on the countertops ha ha. Also, as an overheaty person, how was the temperature in your tree house? I am putting this place on my shortlist, especially if you say that the tree house had a private deck with hammock and wasn’t too buggy.

        1. Belize Blog

          The treehouse had TWO ACs…so it was cool as I wanted it. I actually turned one off. The windows were all fogged up. The spot was SO MUCH LESS BUGGY than where i live on AC. SOMEHOW I brought home ONE mosquito bite from Hopkins. I’m not sure if they spray? But it was lovely. And ants…AYE! Our orchids and a few others in particular, the ants love them – the sap…I guess? There were no ants inside here – which is TRICKY for even the finest hotel. Leave a crumb on the floor in Belize and sugar ants are going to be on it. It’s just the way of the tropics. But none here. Short list for sure. I’m already hoping to go back later this summer 🙂

          1. Jennifer Albert

            Oh, that is fantastic! I am definitely going to make a trip there as soon as possible – it sounds glorious! Thanks for giving us the scoop!!

  2. TarheelBornGal

    Looks and sounds amazing! I am hoping we make it to Belize again at some point to visit all our favorite haunts, plus check out a couple of spots we haven’t visited. This gorgeous spot will certainly be on the list!

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